3 Reasons to Stick with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 and Skip the Galaxy Note 3 on Release Date

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Already nearing a generation-old, Samsung's Galaxy Note 2 remains a major consumer draw and despite the inevitable entry of its replacement this year, the Galaxy Note 3, the second-gen phablet still commands a significant following.

Now thanks to recent developments, the Note 2 is likely to stay on shoppers' list. According to Samsung, the bestselling phablet will continue to enjoy upgrade support while reports suggested that it will become more affordable as the Note 3 2013 rollout nears.

Here are the three reasons why this oversized and full-function smartphone is good buy in the months ahead compared to the expectedly more powerful Galaxy Note 3.

Higher Premium Suite version and JellyBean 4.2.2 is on the way

It was reported last week that U.S. carrier Verizon is bumping up the Note 2's Premium Suite, specifically expanding the apps that are supported by the Multi-View feature. Details of the reports were far from meaty but experts immediately surmised that the official Note 2 JellyBean will soon be pushed out.

As in previous cases, the international will get the much-awaited patch, which could possibly contain most of the Smart features that Samsung had introduced March this year via the Galaxy S4. The Note 2 fits the Samsung requirement for the exciting update - upscale hardware specs.

A strong Key Lime Pie candidate

Earlier this year, SamMobile listed the Note 2 as one of the Samsung Galaxy handsets to get the Key Lime Pie, the Android 5.0 that Google is uncaging in the coming months.

The claim makes sense, experts said, because for one the phablet is among Samsung's flagship products and therefore merits premium and longer technical support, thus enjoying expanded lifespan. Too, as in the case above, the Note 2 has the mettle to absorb the KLP once Google has decided that the platform is ready to flex its muscle.

Yet there is one minor concern. Android watchers believe that KLP on older handsets (read as units that were released last year) will only come in the initial months of 2014, which is the earliest estimate.

Plummeting price mark

However, sexy and powerful they are, old gizmos need to mark their tag price to continue selling. The same is totally applicable with the Note 2, which according to Gotta Be Mobile is now up for grabs at AT&T for a giveaway price of $US10 in exchange of course for specific terms and contract.

Nonetheless, this price level is the lowest that Note 2 has been offered, which AT&T said is an exclusive online promo. It is noteworthy to remember that when it debuted, the phablet started at a price tag of $US300.

Now, consumers have more reasons to give in to the Galaxy Note 2 lure, which would behave and serve its new owners in almost the same way that its replacement, the Note 3, would do.

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