3 Reasons Nexus 6 Release Date is Worth the Wait: High-End Components, Stock Android & Affordable Price Tag

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The Nexus 6 release date is likely timed between May and June 2014 or merely a few months from now and judging from the last two versions - Google's flagship device should be worth the wait.

True, no definite specs are known about the native Android device and more so which manufacturer gets the honour of assembling the Nexus 5 replacement but the Android world cannot help but to begin the exciting speculation game.

Talks are rife that South Korea's LG will reprise its role as the fortunate Nexus phone maker coming from its relatively successful deal with Google that resulted to the Nexus 4 in 2012 and the Nexus 5 last year.

But in recent days, Lenovo emerged as a possible candidate, by virtue of the Chinese firm's impending purchase of Motorola Mobility from the Google. Once the deal is finalised, many analysts believe that Lenovo will gain a foothold in the Nexus branding.

And the initial undertaking for the world's second biggest PC maker is to assemble the Nexus 6 and distribute it globally under the banner name Motorola.

Whether this will come into fruition and all the other questions about the next Nexus are matters to be answered later. What is certain is, just like its predecessors the Nexus 6 is definitely worth waiting for and below are the three compelling reasons why:

Premium build and inside components

Reviewers of the Nexus 5 were not exactly sold to the device's beauty - the iPhone 5S is a runaway winner and the HTC One is classier. But the gadget is not second-rate either, winning applause for its light, sleek and sexy build.

For sure this build template will be sustained in the 2014 version regardless of who will put together the Nexus 6. But more importantly, Google will surely employ only the best components available for its upcoming smartphone opus.

So the minimum peg would be the latest quad-core Snapdragon chip with top-notch CPU speed, 2GB of RAM or more, Full or Quad HD display panel in 5-inch plus screen and massive battery rating for longer operating hours.

Latest Android serving

The established Nexus tradition is, the latest device gets the hottest Android menu, which could be Android 4.5 or according to numerous blog reports is taking the saccharine name Lollipop. But the real beauty of having pure Android on board is the fact that Google puts the device, the Nexus 6 in this case, as first in line for software and firmware updates or upgrades.

For future Nexus 6 users, this would mean sure-fire and red-hot jump to the latest Android version as soon as it becomes available, putting them at par with iPhones users who enjoy swift iOS bump ups once fresh patches hit the update channel.

Accessible price

Low device price is Google's unique signature for its Nexus line of products and even amidst reports that the 2014 batch will be the last, the tradition is only seen to continue. No doubt, main selling point for the Nexus 4 and 5 is the solid tag price and fans would expect the same from the new model.

Even if price spikes cannot be prevented, perhaps due mainly to the use of upscale materials and components, Google is expected to flex its might to ensure that starting price of the Nexus 6 on release date is not too far from the familiar $300 for the basic 16GB model.

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