3 Reasons For Android Users to Switch to iOS 8 Codenamed Okemo: Health App, Killer Camera & Optimised for Big-Screen Support

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When Apple moved from iOS 6 to iOS 7, it received mixed reviews with its wide range of changes to its operating system.

According to CultureMob, Apple iOS 8 software update might not have a totally different interface like iOS 7 did. This could be because of the across-the-board changes iOS 7 coupled into one software update, which received blanket criticism for the battery draining problem to slowing down of iPhones abruptly.

With iOS 8, the changes are supposed to be minor and major performance tune ups.

The 2014 version of Apple's mobile OS is code-named as "Okemo."

The new iOS software will enable iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users with new health and fitness feature. Apple is the pioneer in introducing the healthcare and fitness-tracking app. The new iOS application is called Healthbook and it will be one of the main apps in iOS 8.

Healthbook can be used to track the range of stats relating to blood pressure, physical activity, heart rate, hydration, nutrition, blood sugar, sleep, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation and weight.

The nexus between the hardware and software helps achieve tracking all the health & fitness related information about your body in iOS 8.

For a detailed review on Healthbook, click here.

Apple iOS 8 is touted to be much more powerful than its predecessor. With the rumored sapphire glass-encased display, the much bigger screen display, the much required better battery to the faster motion processing and graphics throughput are worth mentioning, according to reports.

Also the camera of iPhone 5s received much attention and it was well appreciated. Rumor has it that, the camera improvements in iOS 8 is going to be stellar with vast hardware upgrade.

With all the leaked features, improvements, and the rumors going around, iOS 8 probably is the widely talked about and admired OS till date.

You can read about the rumored features here.

Are These Swanky Updates Good Enough to Make Android Users Switch to iOS?

Surveys and predictions across the world point to Android having the upper hand over iOS in terms of usage.

Although, there are many cheap but feature-packed Android phones around the world, critics dub those phones as not up to the mark. Even with this criticism, most of Android phones make money. Hence iOS 8 taking the top spot from Android is still debatable.

Do you think iOS 8 can give Apple the much required boost to steal the top spot? Feel free to share your thoughts.

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