3 Proofs Nexus 6 Release Date is Imminent and Google Will Build a Motorola Phablet

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Nexus 6
Concept video of Nexus 6, uploaded on YouTube by CTNtechnologynews. Screenshot from YouTube Video

The Nexus 6 release date could happen very soon and fresh indicators are suggesting that Google will entrust Motorola with the project, which will lead to the rollout of the biggest and most powerful Nexus phone ever.

As LG gradually disappeared from the scene, Motorola emerged as the most solid candidate to take charge of building the next Nexus. Two things that play in great favour of the former Google division is its close relationship with the search giant and the ready availability of a Nexus 6 base-model.

If recent reports are to be the bases, Motorola Mobility, now a Lenovo operation, will soon issue its 2014 flagship called the Moto X+1. Many believed the device will eventually morph into the Nexus 6 and the likelihood is it will be the massive launch ever for the smartphone series - both in terms of size and muscle.

Below are the three signs the upcoming Nexus phone is a Motorola phablet and Android fans will soon get their mitts on the device:

Motorola X1097 and X1096 nearly share killer specs and features

Recently, Smart Droid revealed a benchmark result that reportedly pointed to the impressive specs of a soon-to-unbox Moto kit bears the model number X1097. The device will run a quad-core Snapdragon device and will showcase the raw KitKat 4.4.4 power plus a host of cutting edge specifications.

Prior to the X1097 leak, a Motorola X1096 was also outed and close comparison of the rumoured specs will show two very identical lists save for the screen size. If the X1097 will turn out as the Moto X+1, the benchmark data showed that it will have a panel no lower than 5.2-inch.

On the other hand, the Moto X1097 is likely the Motorola Shamu that surfaced some few weeks ago. This device is a full-pledged phablet as it will pack a 5.9-inch viewing window, basing on unconfirmed reports.

While screen upsizing from the base-model will be the first for Google's Nexus 6 (as the company usually trims down on footprint), the move makes sense as research firms have been harping about of a trend that will make the phablet as the dominant mobile device over the next four years.

Case in point is the rumoured 5.5-inch iPhone 6 so it is hardly surprising that Google intends to outmatch the enormous Apple phone with a nearly 6-inch device that stands on Android L, which by the way is another separator between the X1096 and the X1097.

Moto X+1 is touching down as scheduled

Droid Life claimed in a report last week that the Moto X+1 will become available via Verizon starting on September 25. The supposed release date, if true, is aligned with the previous announcement from Motorola - that its 2014 flagship start sitting on store shelves by late fall of the current year.

A late September or early October launch of the Moto X+1 plays well with the Nexus release template, that is if the former is indeed the pattern for the latter. As Google did in the past few years, it allows the flagship device it will use as the Nexus mould to hit the market a few weeks in advance then its version will get unpacked afterwards.

The distance between the Moto X+1 commercial push out and the Nexus 6 could be around four to six weeks, which remains in line with Google's release calendar for the device.

Motorola is Lenovo's flagship smartphone brand beginning on 2014

Lenovo, Motorola's parent company, is currently listed as among the biggest smartphone makers in the world, in fact occupying a seat in the top five. It appears the Chinese firm is planning to climb up further and according to DigiTimes, it plans to do so by using Motorola "to ramp global shipments."

Now pinning this goal on a Motorola Nexus 6 should give Lenovo the leg it needs to run the deliberate race of reaching the top as the device line is perceived as among the most popular in the industry.

The Nexus 6, actually, is one of the most anticipated device arrivals this year so an earlier release date should make it more competitive against the iPhone 6 or the Galaxy Note 4, which perhaps is the most compelling reason for Google to gun for an October or a November 2014 rollout plan.

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