3 New PS4 Games Coming and a Disconfirmed 'The Last of Us' Rumour

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Building up for the excitement of the E3 2014, Sony seems to be on the role in revealing title after title for the PS4, PS Vita and PS3.

Three more games have been added to the reveal list--a trippy game based on life decisions, an adaptation of a favorite comic book and TV series in pinball form and an unannounced title from "God of War" developer Sony Santa Monica.

This is good news for fans, especially those who have been disappointed after Sony has confirmed to GameSpot that the rumoured "The Last of Us" remastered version for the PS4 is not coming on June 13.

While "The Last of Us" PS4 remastered version's release date remains to be a "summer of 2014," there are still these three games that Sony fans can look forward to.

"The Walking Dead" for Zen Pinball 2

For those who are worried that this title from "The Walking Dead' franchise may not live up to the videogame from Telltale Games, Zen Studios has revealed that they have partnered with Telltale Games and comic creator Robert Kirkman in creating the pinball game.

"The Walking Dead pinball table features choice-driven gameplay across each of Season One's five episodes, along with original story dialogue from the award-winning cast," said Zen Studios on the PlayStation Blog.

"Scenarios include choosing who to save and who to leave behind in a walker attack, solving problems and raising morale within the group, searching for food and supplies, acquiring important tools, and navigating through the herd amidst an oncoming walker breach.

It seems that this will be more than just your average pinball game, and it will debut on the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita platforms come summer of 2014. The game will also be playable during the E3 2014 event, but for now, check out the trailer below.

"The Walking Dead" pinball game trailer (via YouTube/PlayStation)

More than "God of War" for Sony Santa Monica?

Recently, there have been some speculations that Sony Santa Monica may be getting ready for a new "God of War" title, especially after the studio itself has teased that "The gods have spoken" even before E3 2014 has debuted.

But whether or not a new "God of War" is coming, Sony Santa Monica is looking at a new exciting title that remains unannounced to this day. DualShockers has found an image of the tease from Play Magazine, which mentions the really exciting new game.

There are no clear indications if it is a new title for an existing franchise or if it's a new one entirely, but at the very least, games are assured that Sony Santa Monica hasn't stopped work since the cancellation of an earlier sci-fi title.

The Great and the Trippy: "One Way Trip"

Hallucinations and choices--those two things seem to be at the forefront of the upcoming PS4 and PS Vita game, "One Way Trip."

You have a mixture of the trippy feel brought on by the premise that you as the player only has six hours to live, so you set on with your life choices in the midst of hallucinatory spurts.

"The game accomplishes these goals in its story mode through a mixture of both constant choice-based branching and a deeper, more procedural systems-based approach," said Michael Frauenhofer, project lead for "One Way Trip," over at the PlayStation Blog. "At any given point, wherever you are and whatever you do, everyone else is actively living their own lives and working towards their own goals, altering the fabric of the narrative."

It seems that the point of the game is to put the progress entirely on the player's hands, so you can get an action-packed adventure or a meditative reflection of the remainder of your life--your choice.

As trippy as it feels, the reveal trailer is even trippier, if that's even possible.

"One Way Trip" reveal trailer (via YouTube/PlayStation)

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