3 Mean Filipina Girls in Puppy-Killing Videos Had Also Tortured Rabbits, Monkeys (MORE ANIMAL TORTURE VIDEOS)

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The torture that 3 mean Filipino girls did to a puppy, captured in a viral video that has created furor in social media, is just the tip of the iceberg.

According to the group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Asia-Pacific, these girls have done other videos in which they tortured, mutilated and killed other animals.

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Besides crushing puppies with their feet until the animal vomited their internal organs, they have also lit rabbits on fire, skinned them alive, burned a dog with a clothes iron and stabbed a monkey and dogs in the eyes with the sharp end of a stiletto heel.

Source: GMA 7 screen capture

The 3 girls, whose identities remain unknown, are now under the custody of the Department of Social Welfare, while the couple who produced the fetish videos are in jail and waiting trial.

Source: GMA-7 screen capture

The couple, Dorma and Vicente Ridon, has been arrested by the National Bureau of Investigation, helped by the probe made by PETA when it received in 2011 a report from a citizen featuring several crush videos.

PETA said the fetish videos show the torture of animals for perverse and twisted sexual gratification of some people.

Besides the initial cruelty to animal and child abuse charges filed against the couple, the Department of Justice added new charges, including violation of the Philippine Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act, the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act and more child abuse charges.

Source: GMA-7 screen capture

The court is expected to release its judgment on the couple in early 2014.

The 3 mean girls are not alone in cruelty to animals. On the same YouTube search for their video, it showed a woman crushing a cat to death using her high heels

and another set of bad girls throwing new born puppies in the river.

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