3 Likely Killer Features for iPhone 6, iPhone 5S Release Date: Precognitive Battery Use, Smart Call Management & Dual-Sensor Camera

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New patents from Apple, approved and under processing, gave hints on upcoming power features that both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S will showcase on release date, likely to be integrated with the recently revamped iOS 7.

The first enhancement involves battery use on iPhone, which Apple wants to extend by implementing a precognitive power management on the handset - with the system in place, future builds of iPhone will predict the energy requirements in a given situation or location then activate or deactivate hardwares and softwares to maximise battery juice.

In one particular function, according to reports by Apple Insider, the system "can compare the estimated time period a user will spend on their device with battery reserves, determining whether the device has sufficient power to last for said period."

In order to save battery power, iPhones or iPads will shift into adjustment phase to compensate for dwindling energy reserves, the patent said.

One interesting element of the new invention is the use of GPS sensor, which would enable iOS devices to forecast the amount of time before recharging takes place, thereby modifying their behaviours.

"The mobile electronic device may modify the power management scheme by adjusting one or more characteristics or settings," the Apple patent said.

In the second patent, it was implied that in the near future iPhone users can actively engage on social media activities even in the middle of active call but the conversation must be put on hold prior to sharing moments captured in images. File sharing is also possible.

Basically, the system allows access of contents in a given handset during active calls, opening up a gateway for the following: pictures, music, videos, status updates, upcoming calendar events and location information while talking, the Apple Insider report said.

Like the first patent, this feature is configurable to suit the taste and needs of iPhone users.

Lastly, Apple's ongoing efforts to provide top-notch camera experience to iPhone owners is revealed in a freshly-approved patent that will employ multiple sensors in capturing high-quality images with fewer flaws.

The invention is described as "a unique technology that can interleave imaging data from two or more imaging sensors, resulting in higher quality photos than a setup with a single sensor," Apple Insider said.

With the use of more than one sensor, the camera that comes with future iPhone builds is given advanced capabilities to process images and clips. The end-goal is to produce error-free pictures and videos using a mobile device.

These patents suggest that killer features are in the pipeline for future makes of iOS smartphones though there is no assurance that they'll be packed with the nearing release dates involving the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6, both of which rumoured for respective launches on September 2013 and Q1 2014.

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