3 Likely Killer Features to Expect on iPad Mini 2, iPad 5 Release Date: Rear Microphone, Stylus & Wireless Charging

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What will make inside of both the iPad 5 and the iPad Mini remains the subject of wild speculations but analysts are sure of one thing - these components will allow the iOS 7 tablets to flash killer features.

Rumours on the new iPad capabilities abound but to date only three things seem certain about the 2013 refreshed slates - the body-build has been slimmed down, the processing muscle will get significant jumps and Retina will be on board for both the 9.7-inch and 7.9-inch version.

Outside of these exciting features, however, three more will likely join in time for the twin tablet unveiling later this year. They are listed below.

Video recording with clearer audio

Apple will reportedly bump up the camera that will be deployed with the iPad 5 and the iPad Mini 2. Nothing is definite yet on the sensor specs, likely from 5MP to 8MP on the main shooter, but one anticipated addition would be a second microphone that is primarily oriented to capture clear sounds with moving clips.

This possibility is reported recently by Japanese blog site MacOtakara. The same report claimed that rear-facing microphone was part of the first iPad Mini blueprint but was dropped for unknown reasons at the last minute before the gadget was launched.

Now, this sound recorder will likely debut with the two iPads, allowing them to flex the same features that to date Apple has restricted to iPhone models.

Stylus ala-Samsung's S-Pen

This feature currently resides in Apple's wish list department, considering that the tech giant's former CEO, Steve Jobs, would not allow the entry of the tool into the iOS environment. But things have changed and the stylus did wonders on Samsung's tablet thrust, especially for the Galaxy Note series.

The resurrection proved one thing - stylus has a place in today's technology and when Apple bent its rule by releasing the iPad Mini last year, it follows that other Apple conventions would soon fall.

The strongest clue that Apple would one day come up with stylus-compatible devices is a recent patent that points to the development of a multi-touch technology that accommodates inputs such as handwriting, which is only possible by using a digitiser.

Protection plus wireless charging

In a recent report, Apple Insider cited a new Apple patent that in the future would allow iPad users to wirelessly charge their devices while enjoying protection at the same time. Apple, it appears, is working on a tablet accessory that works two ways - it shields the tablet from dents and scratches and replenishes its power juice it when not in use.

For the cover kit to bring in power, it should be plugged on a power outlet draw electricity then after a few hours, it is all heat up for ready use.

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