3 Likely iPhone 6 Features on Release Date: Sidewall Display, HD Audio & Split-Screen View

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The iPhone 6 on its 2014 release date will likely feature a flexible display in sidewall render, superb audio entertainment and a multitasking-friendly viewing panel thanks to iOS 8 and new Apple patents.

Curved and three-sided display panel

According to BGR, an Apple patent that was filed back in 2011 revealed plans of the iPhone maker to deliver a wraparound display panel in future models of the iOS smartphone. Using a flexible glass material, the iPhone viewing window will be extended to the left and right edges - envisioned to provide more visual angles to users.

The same technology will allow Apple engineers to eventually eliminate some of the physical iPhone buttons such as the volume rocker and in their place use touch-based control keys or disappearing control buttons that fade out when not in use.

Pointing to Apple Insider as the source of its information, BGR noted that the planned designed language offers the best explanation on recent speculations that the next iPhone casing will be curved form-factor that harks back to the first three iPhone generations.

The same report, however, clarified that three-sided display panel is not yet definite for the iPhone 6 despite earlier indications that the upcoming device will reflect a major makeover for the iPhone body make. The earliest that the patent will be implemented is 2015 or beginning with the iPhone 7, the report added.

24-bit audio playback capabilities

It is also suggested that the iPhone 6 will usher in high definition audio playback experience for Apple fans, the feature reportedly hardwired with the upcoming iOS 8 and supported by freshly-designed iPhone audio accessories, MacRumors said.

A glimpse of the new iPhone feature is expected as early as June 2014 as the tech giant is expected to unveil the function upgrades from iOS 7.1.1 to iOS 8. But iPhone users may have to wait a bit more to actually enjoy HD sound on the device as MacRumors added on its report that accompanying earphones and Lightning will be designed for the particular technology.

It is understood that these accessories will not debut with the iPhone 6, becoming available only at a later date.

It is unclear too if the looming Apple-Beats Electronics deal will play a key role in the supposed audio upgrade that the iPhone 6 will deliver.

Two-window viewing for iOS 8-powered devices

Lastly, the likelihood of the upcoming iOS gadgets boasting of multitasking features could become a reality in iOS 8, 9to5Mac said in a new report. Still in a rumour stage, the new feature will permit dual-application viewing though the same report stressed that coding could be exclusive only for large-screen devices.

Specifically, the initial deployment will only be for the 9.7-inch iPad Air as 9to5Mac did not discuss the possibility of multi-window rendering coming too on the 7.9-inch iPad Mini or even the rumoured first iOS phablet - the 5.5-inch iPhone 6.

As mentioned, Apple will likely reveal iOS 8 via its 2014 WWDC on June 2014 but the actual release date will have to wait until the separate iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2 launches that are spread out between August and October in the same year.

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