3 Likely iPhone 6 Features on 2014 Release Date: Flashing Apple Logo, High-Speed Internet & Wireless Charging

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The iPhone 6 on release date, according to a combo of supply chain chatter and newly-leaked images, will show off at least three new killer features this 2014.

Business Insider picked up the latest claims from Venture Beat that the next iPhone is now on the testing stage and the handset is tipped to deliver mobile device capabilities that were absent from the previous models.

Category 6 LTE antenna

Headlining the fresh batch of iPhone 6 feature upgrades is the latest wireless internet technology that according to Business Insider will be known as Category 6 LTE radio chip, bumping up the Category 4 LTE that came with the iPhone 5S.

The jump means that from a maximum wireless broadband speed of 150 megabits per second (mbps) that the 2013 iPhone offers, its successor will boast of twice the bandwidth capacity, at 300mbps, that the same report said is in line with Apple's aim of bringing stable and superfast Internet access with the upcoming iOS 8-powered smartphone.

Cord-free re-charging

It is also alleged that wireless charging could roll out with the iPhone 6 as Venture Beat reported that the back panel of the device is equipped with an inductive charging component that likely will pair with a companion plate for juicing up.

It is unclear, however, if the new capability is connected with earlier rumours that a solar charging panel will be packed with the upcoming handset, purportedly to keep it charged up while in use or on the go.

Note too that the same Venture Beat report mentioned of mobile payment with near-field communication (NFC) tech and a large-screen display panel with very thin bezels as part of the total iPhone 6 package.

Notification alert with a blinking Apple logo

In a separate coverage by MacRumors, a new bunch of supposedly leaked pictures of the iPhone 6 back panel appeared to reveal a cut-out Apple logo that in the final cut of the device will set off flashing light patterns to indicate specific notifications.

If the rumoured cool feature turns out to be true, this will be a first since the iPhone was revealed in 2007, MacRumors said on its report.

The Apple-centric site added that the supposed iPhone 6 back cover also revealed new control buttons and SIM slot configurations for the device. On the left side of the gadget, the elongated volume rocker and mute key will sit while on the right side, the power button will be relocated from the top portion.

Below the power button is the SIM tray as clearly shown in the pictures that according to MacRumors were sourced from NowhereElse.fr.

It is very likely that all the features mentioned above will be shared by the two iPhone 6 models on release date, which Cantor Fitzgerald said will be a single grand event featuring the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch builds on mid-September 2014.

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