3 Likely Galaxy Note 4 Features on Release Date: 5.7-Inch Screen, QHD YOUM Display & Snapdragon 810

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 concept image
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 concept image Jermaine Smit via ConceptiPhon

Months away from the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release date later this 2014, features and specs of the original phablet, in its fourth instalment, are flooding in and seemingly forming into the best Note edition ever.

The latest piece of the puzzle is courtesy of GSM Arena, which graciously shared a document that referred to an internal Samsung device project that bears the codename Muscat. The model number directly connected with the device is SM-N910.

Looking back in 2013, the Galaxy Note 3 was the subject of numerous leaks prior to its debut late in the year and according to Android Central, the third flagship phablet from Samsung then carried the model number SM-N900.

So it makes sense, basing on Samsung's current order of schemes for its phablet pride, that the N910 will eventually be outed as the Note 3 sequel.

And below are three of the likely exciting upsized smartphone features that Samsung will unwrap with the Galaxy Note 4:

5.7-inch screen with 2K display resolution

According to GSM Arena, Samsung intends to maintain the 5.7-inch screen profile, seen in the Note 3, with the Galaxy Note. This development seems to eliminate the possibility of another screen size jump that started in the first Note.

It is expected, however, that while the Galaxy maker opted not to further stretch the Note 4 viewing window, the body-build will undergo a major overhaul as Samsung had earlier hinted that Sammy fans can expect a form-factor once the Note 4 is unboxed.

The natural anticipation is a thinner and lighter phablet that boasts of an all-screen front panel - the bezels around the screen the slimmest ever - with 2560 x 1440 of eye-popping screen pixels flooding the screen.

Flexible YOUM display in QHD rendition

Mainly responsible for the overwhelming gorgeousness of the Note 4 display panel is the Quad HD technology that Sammy insiders said was originally planned for the Galaxy S5. QHD failed to make the final cut on time for the GS5 but the good news is, if GSM Arena's source is to be believed, the same display rendering will be on hand for the Note 4 debut.

Another in-house Samsung tech skipper is YOUM display that originally was designed for the Galaxy S4 and Note 3 last year. There is a high chance, according to Android Central, that YOUM will finally see the light of the day once the Note 4 becomes commercially available.

64-bit eight-core Snapdragon 810?

Most reports touching on the Note 4 presume that the device will be an Exynos powerhouse, brandishing, of course, the latest build in 64-bit and eight-core class. This most likely will be the case but like in previous releases, Samsung tends to pack its phablet with Exynos chips that are issued only in select markets.

For the international edition though, the preferred CPU behemoth is Qualcomm's Snapdragon and the choice for the Note 4 could be the Snapdragon 810, which like its Exynos counterpart is 64-bit and 8-core capable.

The likelihood of Snapdragon 810 in 20nm process ending up in a Galaxy Note 4 edition is quite high as Taiwanese publication DigiTimes reported this week that the processing chip will be out in the market in the last few months of 2014.

Now the calendar seems to coincide with the Galaxy Note 4 release date, which should a few weeks following the phablet's expected unveiling at the 2014 Berlin IFA gadget showcase in September.

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