3 Killer Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Based on Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S4

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The Samsung Galaxy S5 became a basis for upcoming Samsung devices upon its release. For the past weeks, Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Note 4 has been making headlines especially with the new form factor. Likewise, the release of the device will around the same time as Apple's iPhone 6. This emphasizes the long standing rivalry between the two companies. Can the Galaxy Note 4 compete with the iPhone 6? 

According to a report by SamMobile, Samsung appears to be testing a device very similar to Galaxy S5. Nonetheless, the device appears to have some features that cannot be found on the initial flagship. According to the report, the device runs on a software build dubbed as Android 4.4.3. The software was labeled as the current version of the KitKat platform but has to roll out to Samsung Galaxy S5. 

The device reported is not yet available commercially. According to Views Times, the device spotted may be a prototype of another Samsung line. Apart from the spotted variants of the S5, such as the Galaxy S5 Active and S5 Prime, the next best guest of analysts is the Galaxy Note 4. 

Some of the reported specs that can push the Galaxy Note 4 past the Galaxy S5 include "Smart Fingerprint," Aqua Capture," and "Swipe to launch Motion Launcher." 

The Aqua Capture mode appears to work similarly to the Aqua Mode found on the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active. The feature allows people to capture images underwater. This means the Galaxy Note 4 will be water resistant like the S5. The Swipe to Launch Motion Launcher may work similarly with the Motion Launch feature found on the HTC One M8. The feature allows people to wake up their devices and use the camera by simply swiping on the display. Smart Fingerprint, on other hand, promises a new method of customizing actions for the fingerprint sensor. 

Previously, CNET reported about a Samsung executive dishing out details about the release of the Note 4 during the IFA in September. 

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