3 Killer Features Of 2014 Apple MacBook Air: Two-Sided Display, Pressure Sensitive TrackPad And Touch Buttons

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Apple may be launching the 2014 MacBook Air later in the year but leaks have started surfacing.

Recent report suggested the next MacBook Air will feature pressure sensitive touch buttons and trackpad, including a two-sided display. Other reports claimed Apple has plans on turning it into a solar-powered notebook. What can people expect from the 2014 MacBook Air? 

Apple has not confirmed the release of theMacBook Air yet but analysts draw from previous records predicting what Apple may have this year. Each year, the company updates its line of products, including the Air series.

Many analysts are also convinced by the release of the Air because of the patents that Apple acquired recently. 

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office have published a series of patents relating to Apple's MacBook lineup. The company will be taking the new Air to a higher level similar to the iPhone products. 

Touch Buttons 

One of the patent filings described inclusion of touch buttons around the case. The patent describes a touch-sensitve MacBook chassis allowing the device to recognize the user's touch throughout the bezel. This may allow Apple to get rid of the physical buttons for a better and more intuitive computing experience. The patent goes by U.S. Patent No. 8,654,524. "Housing as an I/O device" describes a laptop housing that functions as an input/output device aside from protecting the computer's hardware. 

Pressure Sensitive TrackPad 

There has also been a patent sighting of a new trackpad for Apple. According to the patent, "Touch pad with force sensors and actuator feedback," Apple plans to expand its touch functions in its next laptop. Instead of the usual clicking button on the trackpad, users can work with the laptop through the pad sensors alone. 

Two-Sided and Solar Display 

Another interesting feature reported for the Air is the two-sided display. According to U.S. Patent No. 8,638,549 for an "Electronic device display module," the MacBook will come with a two-sided display with one side functioning as solar charging component with rear touch inputs. 

People will have to wait for Apple's official announcements to know what they can expect.

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