3 Helpful Android Apps iPhone Owners Cannot Use; Available as Free Download

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With various differences and similarities, apparently, there is no end to the Android and iOS smartphone war.

When it comes to third-party apps, Google's Android platform wins hands-down by providing the developers/app-makers superior freedom to explore and incorporate new functionality than Apple's iOS. To further the capabilities of the Android handset with third-party apps that iPhone owners do not flaunt, here is the list:

AirDroid App

AirDroid is a very popular utility app allowing the users to manage the handset on the Web. This turns the Android handset into a server and lets the user to control it from the Web browser.

Upon installing AirDroid on the handset, users can take control of their handset via their computer at web.airdroid.com. Users can do the following: send and receive text messages, manage and transfer files between the computer and the handset, play music and video, edit/view contacts, view/transfer photos, make calls, view real time screen of the handset and capture moments through the lens of both front and back cameras via computer, among others.

AirDroid can be downloaded for free in Google Play Store. A monthly subscription of $1.99 or an annual subscription of $19.99 gives access to premium features like multiple device support, 1 GB data quota free subscription provides only a 100 MB of data, among others.

Click here to download the app.

Hello SMS App

Although there are many mobile messaging services available in the App Store, none accounts the SMS service. This is where Hello SMS app comes handy. It provides deep integration with the phone. Upon downloading this app, it replaces the entire messaging application of Android phone, taking into account all of the standard SMS, MMS and group messages into an app with a tab-based UI. Hello SMS also provides data-based mobile messaging service with free unlimited international messaging to all users. This app comes as a free download.

Click here to download the app.

Aviate App

Similar to Cover, which was acquired by Twitter recently, Aviate is an app that takes the homescreen's look and feel to the next level.

Upon installing this app, users can see their homescreen change throughout the day dynamically. The idea is to display only those apps and information that users are most likely to use based on the time, location and other factors. This app can do the following: when the user wakes up in the morning, Aviate automatically brings up the weather and have a meeting related information for the day. When the user drives to work, the app automatically provides traffic and directions to work, among others.

Aviate is available as a free download. But it is an invite-only app. Users can request an invite from the app and they will be added on the waiting list. It could take up to a week for the account to be ready.

Click here to download the app.

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