3 Fresh Killer Features for iPhone 6 Release Date: NFC-Based iWallet, Flexible Touchscreen & Solar Charging

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The iPhone 6 on release date will amaze not only for its supersized screens, rumoured to reflect two sizes at 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch profiles, but also for its super-charged killer features.

Headlining these cutting-edge mobile device capabilities is Apple's souped up mobile payment facility that according to investment firm Morgan Stanley will be fired up by near-field communication (NFC) technology.

In a latest research note that Apple Insider has picked up, Morgan Stanley predicted that Apple will ramp up the integration of NFC into its 2014 iDevices purportedly to enhance mobile computing experience within the iOS ecosystem and to boost revenue.

NFC-powered mobile payment on iPhones and iPads promises to be another huge financial windfall for the tech giant, Morgan Stanley said in the same report.

"Mobile payments can help Apple collect more data on consumers in order to create more relevant and useful recommendations and advertisements, and create additional revenue opportunities for developers and other partners, especially brick-and-mortar retail."

The new service feature will be packaged as iWallet and the implementation is embedded with credit card data, the database of which already exists in hundreds of millions of iTunes accounts, according to Morgan Stanley analyst Craig Hettenbach.

Choosing this route sits well with Apple's emphasis on security for its online-hosted services, Hettenbach added.

It is understood as well that NFC chip on the iPhone 6 will be standalone, which is an approach that circumvents the technical glitches normally encountered with the combo deployment of the technology.

The same feature is expected to be hardwired with iOS 8 and while Apple is taking good care of the software side for its next iPhone, the hardware concerns are also on top of the company's priority list prior to the iPhone 6 debut date.

In a newly-approved patent, Apple is tipped to employ flexible touchscreen panels for both the iPhone 6 models but with a new twist, MacRumors said in a new report.

Bendable displays are touted to bolster a device's durability while providing more rooms for engineers to hatch a new form factor. But in the new patent document, the iPhone maker seems planning to use "a method of stacking solar cells between touch sensor layers within a display matrix to create a compact solar charging system that stores energy in the device's battery," said the same report.

The introduction of solar charging panels on future iOS devices like the iPhone 6 will mostly serve as power juice extender, merely complementing the energy that is largely drawn from a battery.

It should be noted that all the features discussed above are not definite for unpacking with the iDevices that Apple has lined up this 2014.

But what is fairly certain is the iPhone 6 release date that analysts said will come in two instalments - the first in August or September for the 4.7-inch edition while the second one is between October and December 2014, which is for the 5.5-inch iOS phablet.

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