3 Confirmed HTC One 2 Features: Dual Back Camera, Kitkat OS, Fingerprint Sensor

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Android v4.4.2 KitKat Now Seeding to HTC One (Dual-SIM), One Max and One Mini in India
It’s been just few days since the HTC One (Single SIM model) received the KitKat treatment in India, now the company has rolled the chocolate wafer flavored OS to three more flagship variants. HTC India/Facebook

HTC One 2 release date will be on Mar. 25 and will pack new features such as dual camera, Kitkat OS and fingerprint sensor.

HTC purposely skipped the Mobile World Congress to announce the successor of HTC One and hold a separate launch event. Meanwhile, HTC's rival Samsung went on and announced its new flagship device at the tech event.

In its tweet ahead the S5 launch, HTC said that consumers who decided to buy Samsung Galaxy S5 will have a buyer's remorse on Mar. 25 - the date HTC One 2 will be launched. Moreover, the tweet has a hashtag of #HTCOneUp, which suggested that the handset will be named HTC One Up. It was previously reported that HTC One 2 will be named HTC M8 or All New HTC One.

Below are the three confirmed HTC One 2 features. However, HTC has not disclosed the full specs and features of the upcoming handset.

Dual Back Camera

It was heavily rumoured that HTC One's sequel will pack a pair of camera at the back. According to Digital Spy, the same camera unit was spotted at the Qualcomm's booth at the Mobile World Congress. The new technology courtesy of Corephotonics is a revolutionary innovation on mobile photography. It works by combining a wide and telephoto lens on top of each other in order to create a single superior photograph while zooming in both stills and video. However, this technology can beat Nokia's lossless zoom.

Android 4.4.2 Kitkat OS

Samsung Galaxy S5 runs with Android 4.4.2 Kitkat OS. Moreover, HTC is currently rolling out the OS update for the first generation of HTC One. Thus, it is most likely that HTC's new handset will pack the new operating system from Google.

Fingerprint Sensor

The next generation of HTC One will come with a fingerprint sensor. The company will most probably improve the said security feature it packed in HTC One Max. Moreover, the inception of handsets packing fingerprint sensors is growing in numbers. Thus, it has become a compulsory feature for upcoming devices.

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