3 Confirmed Galaxy Note 4 Features on Release Date: IP67 Certification, Flexible QHD 2K Display & Biometric Security

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 concept image
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 concept image Jermaine Smit via ConceptiPhon

Release date of the Galaxy Note 4 this 2014 is still some months away but the fresh capabilities that the device will show off are pretty much hinted by the upcoming Galaxy S5.

Below are three of the exciting features that likely will make the final cut:

Bendable display with 2K resolution

As early as last year, bendable display has been part of the speculations surrounding Samsung's Galaxy flagship phones. The feature, formally showcased by the South Korean tech giant via the 2013 CES, was first rumoured to become a reality with the Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy Note 3 that followed. In the end, both devices skipped.

Then the Galaxy S5 came and the flexible screen remains missing in action, prompting Sammy fans to expect the same on the mysterious Galaxy F. But the latter device was not in existence, at least in the current year, Samsung said.

The last hope is Samsung's upcoming phablet, the Note 4, and Samsung watchers are so looking forward to get a device with three-sided overlapping display, proudly beaming out clips and images in 2K resolution or 2560 x 1440 pixels, which is a huge leapfrog from the GS5's 1080p display panel.

Biometric protection

With the fingerprint scanner in the Galaxy S5, it is but a given that the same feature will be prominently displayed in the Note 4. Unlocking the GS5 with a hard-to-hack fingerprint pattern is both cool and impressive and adds up to the privacy premium of the first Samsung flagship for 2014.

But there is a second Sammy hero phone and the Note 4 will likely impress with another biometric security feature - iris scanner. Using the front camera sensor, an eye reader will offer extra layer of security, working in tandem with the fingerprint scanner, to make the Galaxy Note 4 the most secured and privacy-friendly device to come this 2014.

Impenetrable casing

The Galaxy S5 wowed with its IP67-certified water and dust proofing features and experts hailed Samsung for making the tough protection a standard for high-end devices. Now it is almost certain that the Galaxy Note 4 will enjoy the same capability of repelling accidental or deliberate water spills, perhaps at a higher level than that of the GS5. That would mean longer moments and deeper water submersion without damaging the unit.

The Note 4, of course, will be tightly-closed too to keep the dirt away just like the Galaxy S5 before it.

Release date of the Galaxy Note 4 is likely to duplicate Samsung's previous Note launches - that is via the IFA event in Berlin, packaged as the 2014 Unpacked 2 in September of the same year.

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