3 Confirmed Features For Nexus 6 Release Date? Chromecast Mirroring, Smartwatch Pairing & Android 4.5 (Lion Bar)

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For sure, the Google Nexus 6 is gunning to overwhelm it rivals on release date with fresh killer features as suggested by the torrents of speculations that came out in the past weeks.

It is expected that the next Nexus is taking cue from it chief competitors like Apple, Samsung and HTC. The last two have already unleashed their 2014 flagships that are laced with superlative specs and capabilities.

Apple, on the other hand, is said to overhaul its bestselling product and present a totally redesigned iPhone 6 that packs more power plus a bigger screen - likely a 4.7-inch display panel that should satisfy cravings for a phablet-size iPhone.

So the pressure is on Google to deliver beyond the familiar beastly component specifications and aesthetic enhancement for the Nexus 5 successor. Outside of the anticipated upscale hardware that will be inside of the Nexus 6, these three upcoming features should offer a new smartphone experience for fans of native Android out there.

Second smartphone display

With the recent launch of Google's Chromecast TV dongle that allows the live streaming of net-based contents to the television, imagination suddenly sprouted. Why not port the exact feature to the upcoming Nexus 6 that permits users to patch whatever they are viewing on a second bigger screen - in Full TV HD glory?

As suggested by PC Advisor, this cool mobile phone function is not only possible but a welcome addition to the already impressive Nexus 6 feature line up.

Smartwatch extension

Two leading Android device makers, LG and Motorola, are releasing smartwatches that have stand-alone features plus the ability to serve as partner gadgets for smartphones. The basic idea is to have a time-telling piece that also acts as the remote controller for the mobile phone.

Samsung proved that it can be done via the Galaxy Gear and Google is aiming to better if not perfect the same initiative.

Latest Android recipe

Two scenarios are being played out for the next Android episode - that an incremental update of KitKat 4.4.2 is coming out soon or a fresh build is on the way, which will be sugar-coated as either Lollipop or Lion Bar. It appears that any of the two names is applicable so long as the build number is 4.5.

But the possibility remains that Google would finally serve Android 5.0, which last year was given the name Key Lime Pie.

The prevalent chatter is a grand preview is in the offing for Google's I/O Developers Conference 2014 edition and chances are the next Nexus smartphone will be allowed a quick peek.

Should that be the case, then the June event would be followed by the Nexus 6 release date that according to Android watchers, and hinted too by Google, will happen between September and October 2014.

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