3 Confirmed Features for Nexus 6, LG G3 Release Date on July 2014? 2K Display, LG-Made CPU & New Android Camera App

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The rumoured Nexus 6 base-model on release date, the LG G3, will hit store shelves starting on July 2014, according to new reports, likely indicating too of an earlier touchdown for Google's signature smartphone.

Wednesday this week, The Verge published an exclusive photo of what it described as the official successor to last year's LG G2. The leaked image (viewable here) showed what appeared as the LG G3 retail box in glorious gold.

As suggested by the packaging, the G3 stands to show off too in gold casing, which according to the same report is LG's answer to the gold-plated smartphone flagship mania that has been happening lately.

Apple started the crazed with its champagne-coloured iPhone 5S in late 2013 and soon after, HTC and Samsung followed suit with their golden hero device. It appears, LG is joining the bandwagon.

But not necessarily the Nexus 6 though the latest set of G3 clues provided solid details on the two handsets final make and capabilities as the common belief is - Google would again collaborate with LG in bringing out the Nexus 5 sequel.

If true, three of the confirmed specs and features are offered below:

2K display resolution

LG has already confirmed that its 2014 flagship will sport a display panel in 2K screen resolution, likely in 5.5-inch profile with 2560 x 1440 pixels, according to The Verge.

It could be that when it comes to the Nexus 6, LG and Google with tone down a bit in terms of the screen size as Android watchers expect the 2014 edition to go up a maximum of 5.2-inch from the 4.99-inch Nexus 5.

However, the chance is high that the 2K display attribute will stick as the Nexus 6 comes out of the in the immediate months ahead.

LG-made application chip

The expectations are both the LG G3 and the Nexus 6 will draw their might from the latest Snapdragon chip in 64-bit mobile computing class. But a new development from South Korea seems to imply that LG "will be mass-producing application processors soon."

A new report from The Korea Herald claimed that this spectre is confirmed by an LG representative and will happen very soon.

"The processors ... could be embedded in LG's next smartphone - the G3," the publication added.

So the likelihood appears strong that the next Nexus phone will be assembled and powered from the inside by LG.

Killer native camera features

Months before the Nexus 6 arrival, its plethora of killer features are fast shaping up and one confirmed inclusion is the phone's camera offerings. This week, Google unleashed its latest stock Android camera application that according to Gotta Be Mobile "completely improves the camera experience on Android, and for all KitKat devices rather than just those with Google's Nexus 5 smartphone."

While this may not be the exact build that the Nexus 6 will be packed with on debut time, the GBM report notes that "the all new Google Camera app fixes (previous) problems, improved the user interface and added some awesome new features."

This sets the stage for a vastly-upgraded Android shooting tool come the Nexus 6 arrival.

Now that the LG G3 release date is seemingly fixed on July 2014, unpacking its twin, the Nexus 6, should be between August and September this year.

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