3 Compelling Reasons to Get Sony’s PlayStation 3 Now

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Sony's latest gaming console, the PlayStation 4, will soon deliver its promised high-level and new entertainment environment but the box it will replace remains a must-buy and with the release of new titles plus more in the pipeline, a PlayStation 3 purchase today has never been more compelling.

Many gamers believe that holding off is the best thing to do at this time as Sony appears ready for an extravagant PS4 debut later this year but why postpone the fun when the old but trusty PS3 is able to deliver the bang for your bucks.

Here are the three reasons to take the plunge now and immerse yourself with what the PS3 can still offer, which by all means are packed in solid amusement experience for years to come.

Incredible price drops

It is the natural gadget dynamics working whenever new iterations are coming out and the PS3 will definitely feel the crunch of price cutbacks that will only make it more attractive to consumers - long-time gamers and beginners alike.

According to BGR News, Sony and its partner distributors will inevitably push down the PS3's retail price and buyers can get discounts of up to 64 per cent as the PS4's market release nears.

For instance, the 160GB PS3 variant can go as low as $US144 in the months ahead, the same report said.

New exciting game titles

But you need not wait for a few more months because as it is, PS3's current price level is already shaved off by as much as 50 per cent, according to Business Insider. And as they come relatively cheaper now, new titles that have recently released will surely spawn hours of fun-filled home-based bonding for the family.

The top-notch titles to grab at the moment are Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, God of War: Ascension and MLB13: The Show. And if these packages weren't enough, more action-packed creations are in the offing, Business Insider added, with these titles emerging as possible smash hits: The Last of Us, Dust 514, Injustice: Gods Among Us, and Grand Theft Auto V.

Sustained usability

Even when the PS4 is already in the midst, expect the PS3 to continue strutting its wares and game developers authoring new titles for the ageing console, which likely will stretch for years to come.

In fact, in the few immediate months after the PS4 release, expects expect an underwhelming game title support for the new console while its predecessor enjoys fresh releases plus the favourite back catalogues.

In terms of full entertainment possibility, the PS3 has a more mature market support, which the PS4 will take years to develop. The lag time can be called 'early adoption syndrome', in which developers wait out if the console they will support will actually generate a viable source of revenues.

And one more benefit for buyers who will get the PS3 this year, BGR said. By the time they will shift to the PS4, the console would have shed considerable price heft.

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