3 Character Origins Guardians of the Galaxy Changed From The Comics: Star Lord's Father, Drax A Human And More

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"Guardians of the Galaxy" is another of Marvel's success movie hits this year as reports claimed it has set a new August debut record when its launched boasted a huge profit estimating to $94 million. However, other claims said "Guardians of the Galaxy" is one of the least known superhero story among Marvel's comics and producers are using it to their advantage to change some character facts in the movie compared to its original source.

Hitfix and Comicbook has provided three character facts "Guardians of the Galaxy" has changed in comparison to its original comicbook source.

Spoilers Ahead. Read At Your Own Risk.

1) Peter Quill aka "Star Lord"

Movie: His father was never revealed although when he was ten his mother, while on her deathbed, told him that his father was "an angel." Flash forward 26 years and using NovaCorps' biometric scan, Peter Quill, now "Star Lord," is revealed to only be half Terran according to Hitfix. This is reportedly the reason why he was able to withstand the power of the Infinity Stone when he grabbed it from Ronan.

Likewise, "Guardians of the Galaxy" never revealed how Peter Quill became "Star Lord" after being abducted by aliens outside the hospital.

Comics: Hitfix reported Peter Quill is half-Spartoi and son of exiled Prince J'son of Spartax/SHI'AR. Comicbook added J'son met Peter's mom Meredith Quill when his ship crash-landed on Earth.The two started a relationship however J'son had to return to Spartax once his ship was repaired, leaving before Peter was born.

According to Hitfix, Peter Quill became "Star Lord" when he became an astronaut after vowing to avenge his mother's death from the hands of the alien assassins sent by his uncle.To secure his place on the throne, Peter's uncle had ordered the elimination of all Quill descendants. A cosmic being appeared from Heaven and promised to turn Peter Quill into "Star Lord." So he steals a spacecraft so he could finally exact his revenge.

2.) Gamora, Thanos' Adopted Daughter

Movie: Gamora was considered as Thanos' favourite among his adopted daughters. However, the question remains how she can be his favourite when she clearly betrayed Thanos in the movie. In "Guardians of the Galaxy" Gamora already knew that Thanos was responsible for the murder of her entire family when she was still a baby thus the betrayal.

Comics: Gamora was adopted by Thanos when she was still a baby, after rescuing her from the tragedy that killed her entire Zen-Whoberi family from the hands of the Universal Church of Truth. Using advanced technology, Gamora grew up quickly with the false perception that Thanos is not evil by nature. However, she later discovered the truth about Thanos when he sent her out to exact her revenge against the leader of the Universal Church of Truth.

3.) "Drax the Destroyer"

Movie: Drax's wife and daughter were murdered by Ronan's "religious cleansing" and he is determined to get his revenge and kill Ronan for their death.

Comics: One of the most surprising twist in "Guardians of the Galaxy" according to Hitfix. Drax is actually human and resides in Burbank, California. He and his family were death casualties during Kronos and Thanos' battle in the Mojave Dessert. Born as Arthur Douglas, his soul was later retrieved by Kronos and transported to a human form possessing superhuman strength, giving birth to Drax. Technically, Drax was used by Kronos to defeat Thanos because of his desire to avenge his family's death.

According to Entertainment Weekly, "Guardians of the Galaxy" risked spending $170 million for its production and even cast a fairly unknown lead actor in Chris Pratt. But now it has reaped its benefits from a reported $94 million on its launch alone and even bagged a 92 percent rating from Rotten Tomatoes' movie reviewers.

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