3 Amazing iPhone 6 Concepts You Wish Are 'Real'

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iPhone 6 is one of the most anticipated devices coming this fall. But concept creators and designers have been churning out earlier rumors about Apple's flagship.

While there are many concepts floating online, here are three intriguing concepts based on features, designs and functions.

iController: Future of Smartphone Gaming?

Apple is fast tapping the gaming scene for iOS, especially now that it seems to be trumping Android at every turn. But for iPhone 6 concept, there's also a unique feature, the iController that may be the perfect add-on to appeal for gamers.

Sahanan Yogarasa has created a concept video featuring the iController, which is a handheld mini or pocket projector that makes use of gyroscope technology. It will allow users to see a projected image even if they move iPhone 6. Unlike other game controllers that are out in the market, it is tailored for iPhone 6, as it is a slip-in style device that cushions iPhone 6 perfectly.

iController is what gamers would expect, complete with d-pads and other buttons. Obviously, a wish fulfillment kind of concept, it also has a projected image of a keyboard at the bottom, so it basically transforms into a mini laptop with a projector.

Check out the iPhone 6 Pro with the iController below.

A sleek design for the iPhone 6 from ConceptsiPhone (YouTube).

Sleek Design for iPhone 6

Part and parcel of Sahanan Yogarasa's design is the actual iPhone 6 unit. While the iController is a nifty accessory, the imagined handset is attention-grabbing. This other concept video features iPhone 6 having a 16m MP rear and 3 MP front camera, heart rate monitor, 3 GB RAM, iOS 8 and Apple A9 chip.

The iController for the iPhone 6 by Sahanan Yogarasa, Youtube

From Sketches to Surprising Renders

If the previous two were pretty much imagined rather than based on any possible iPhone 6-related details, Pocket-Lint has spotted renders by designer Martin Hajek. This time, the renders are based on supposed leaked sketches of claimed iPhone 6 actual specs.

The claimed leaks cannot be verified if they are real. But whatever the case may be, the renders surely present a pretty picture for iPhone 6. What is very noticeable about the screenshot renders,which can be viewed at the link above, would be the very thin iPhone 6 render. The bezels on the side are almost non-existent to showcase a 4.7-inch phone without being a hassle to hold.

The edges are rounded and the unit is given a punch of color with the use of what appears to be snap-on back covers for iPhone 6. There are pink and blue covers in the samples. Inside, iPhone 6 is rendered in its classic black appearance.

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