27-Year-Old UPS Worker Wins New York’s Smallest Penis Contest (VIDEOS & PHOTO)

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Despite his nine-inch flaccid hotdog, this is one penis contest that Jonas Falcon would never win. After all, the winner or weiner is the guy with the smallest dick in Brooklyn, New York, who happens to measure just three inches short.

Original source: Huffington Post

He is Nick Gilronan, a 27-year-old UPS worker from Queens. Nick and five other contestants wore mesh thongs to indicate to the audience of 100 their diminutive size, and they are proud of their private parts.

"I'm hoping this will look brave to guys who have self-esteem issues and make them feel better about themselves," The New York Post quoted Nick.

The other contestants include a 55-year-old divorcee from Minnesota who used the name Rip van Dinkle, a 32-year-old single man from East Village who went by the name Sugar Daddy and another 35-year-old guy from East Village named Perry Winkle.

The pageant, organised by Rachel Lieberman, the owner of the Kings County Bar in Bushwick, started with the six contestants in evening wear then in swimwear and finally they participated in a talent show.

The victor, Gilronan, got $200 prize money. He said he would go to Disney World with his winning.

"The size of a man's penis does not matter for who he is as a person or in a relationship," Gothamist quoted the winner.

A recent study found the average size of an erect penis is 5.57 inches, while another study said for many women, size matters.

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