250 New Emojis Coming in July, Middle Finger Included

By @binibiningkd on

Texters rejoice! Lo and behold, new emojis are coming to the mobile keyboard in July, according to the official blog post of the Unicode Consortium. In less than a month, 250 new emojis will be available to everyone.

Among the 250 new emojis, perhaps the frontrunner for most popular is the reverse hand with middle finger extended. Throwing poo at each other was not really as fun as giving the middle finger to an annoying friend. The poo simply does not send the message across.

Due to an update of Unicode, which is the standard for how text appears through various platforms, users will be able to flip the bird through text message as long as programmers adopt the update.

The 250 new emojis work on both Android and iOS with The Unicode Standard, which allows cohesive implementation of text characters across various platforms. It includes new currency symbols, widely-used emoji character line-up and 23 historic scripts.

A picture in the blog shows 9 of the 250 new emojis and from the looks of it, there will be a dove, chili pepper, chipmunk, dinner plate and utensils, tornado, thermometer, cautious road, Vulcan symbol from Star Trek and tools. A comprehensive list of the new emojis can be seen at Emojipedia, which showcases the reverse hand with middle finger extended, man in business suit levitating and building construction.

Time magazine chose the 10 "most useful" new emojis on its Web site, which includes spider web, oil drum, linked paperclips, ballot box with bold check, oil drum, solid quilt square ornament, black skull and cross bones and black droplet.

Some other remarkable emojis being added are floppy disks that remind the older population the good old days and a weight lifter to augment those "I'm at the gym" statuses.

Thus far, the exact roll out date for the 250 new emojis is still unknown but July is definitely the month. If you are too eager and the wait is too long for you, you can check the comprehensive list of the 250 new emojis at the Emojipedia here

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