24-Year-Old Aussie Man With Scrotum as Big as Watermelon & Inverted Penis Urgently Needs Surgery

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Tyrone Bowd, a 24-year-old Australian, has a big problem that needs immediate surgery. Otherwise, his life could be endangered.

Bowd is suffering from scrotal lymphedema, diagnosed a year ago, which caused his scrotum to swell as big as a watermelon and keeps on growing that it is already down to his knees.

The medical condition has affected Bowd's quality of life, worsened by his also having an inverted penis which places him at risk of dangerous infections.

Tanya, his mother and full-time carer, said Tyrone needs help to go to the toilet because of difficulty walking. He broke his leg in a motorbike accident earlier this year because his enlarged testicles made it difficult for him to drive the motorbike.

Tanya is seeking to raise A$5,700 for his surgery which needs to be done in the U.S. because of the lack of doctors in Australia who could perform the operation. The mum of four said, "No one can help us in Australia. I had doctors discuss building a team to give surgery a go only to be told by a urologist that if I was to sign on the dotted line and allow anyone in Australia to operate I would be signing my son's life away."

The doctor who would perform the medical procedure in the U.S. is California specialist, Dr Joel Geldman who has done a similar surgery on a man with a 60 kilogramme scrotum. The patient's penis and scrotum were preserved. He is from the University of California's Center for Reconstructive Urology.

To raise more funds, Tanya is organising a funderaiser in Ipswich, Queensland. 

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