'22 JumpStreet' Spoilers: Scene Relates to Jonah Hill Gay Slur, Director Says ‘It’s Disappointing’

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Jonah Hill
Jonah Hill had a complete transformation for a role for his movie when he went from being overweight to a slim leading man. REUTERS

"22 Jumpstreet" movie director Christopher Miller thinks "it's disappointing" to hear Jonah Hill use the gay slur and also finds it ironic that one scene in "22 Jumpstreet" talks about why any gay slur shouldn't be used.

"22 Jumpstreet" movie directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are disheartened to hear about the gay slur outburst from one of the "22 Jumpstreet" stars, Jonah Hill.

"It obviously was really disappointing," Miller told BuzzFeed upon learning that Jonah Hill had used the gay slur. "It was surprising because it was not the Jonah that we know. He's a very sweet and generous person," he added.

"22 Jumpstreet" star Jonah Hill had issued an emotional apology, for using the gay slur, at the "Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon" Tuesday. Hill asked viewers to use him as an example of what not to do. "22 Jumpstreet" movie director Phil Lord agrees with Jonah Hill and said "Hopefully it will do what he's saying. It will remind people why that's a shitty thing to say to people." Ironically, there's a scene in "22 Jumpstreet" that explicitly discusses the gay slur and why it shouldn't be used.

Warning: Spoilers for "22 Jumpstreet" ahead. Read at your own risk.

In "22 Jumpstreet" a scene shows Jonah Hill and co-star Channing Tatum go undercover at a university. The scene centers on Tatum as he takes a human sexuality class that opens his mind to the perils of homophobic speech. Then one student uses a gay slur very similar to what Jonah Hill said to the paparazzo. Then the scene directs to Tatum's reaction- he explodes in anger and lectures the student on why he cannot use the gay slur.

"22 Jumpstreet" director Christopher Miller said the scene shows Tatum's character growth of being at college. It's where Tatum opens himself up to new ideas. However, Phil Lord wonders how that scene in "22 Jumpstreet" would play out now, considering that Jonah Hill had used a gay slur on a paparazzo. Lord is curious how it would affect people's experience of the movie. 

"22 Jumpstreet" director Christopher Miller said Jonah Hill is a sincere and good person. So he hopes that it won't affect the movie in any way. Miller also appealed to all Jonah Hill fans that the "22 Jumpstreet" star is not the kind of person who hurls gay slurs for no reason and hopes that people will see that.

"22 Jumpstreet," according to theguardian is the outrageous and very immature sequel to "21 Jumpstreet," where it proves that a movie franchise doesn't have to be awful. "22 Jumpstreet" brings out the gags, the stunts, and the riffs like there's no tomorrow.

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