'22 Jumpstreet' Ice Cube Defends Jonah Hill, Wants to 'Kick the Paparazzi in the Ass'

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Cast Member Ice Cube Arrives for the Premiere of '22 Jump Street' in New York
Cast member Ice Cube arrives for the premiere of "22 Jump Street" in New York June 4, 2014. REUTERS

In a recent video interview, "22 Jumpstreet" actor and rapper Ice Cube defends Jonah Hill on his use of gay slur. He also thinks the paparazzo should be "kicked in the ass."

Ice Cube and directors Christopher Miller and Phil Lord sat down with Huffpost Live for a video interview about their movie, "22 Jumpstreet." They also touched on the controversy fellow "22 Jumpstreet" co-star, Jonah Hill, is facing for using a gay slur at a paparazzo.

In the video interview, Ice Cube defended Jonah Hill on his use of a gay slur at a paparazzo. Ice Cube said he gives people a little room to say stupid stuff and also defended Hill. "We all say something stupid every now and then," he said.

However, Ice Cube also thinks the paparazzo should be blamed for why Jonah Hill had to use the gay slur.

"What we really need to do is kick the paparazzi in the ass," Ice Cube said in the video interview. "It's extremely annoying to be sitting somewhere, and somebody's 20 feet away with a camera pointing on you and you don't know how long that camera's been on you," he added.

Ice Cube admitted he wouldn't have blamed Jonah Hill for hurling the gay slur at the paparazzo. "They're all over the place, they intrude, they interfere. They basically force an interview on you without even going through the publicist!," the actor-rapper said.

Ice Cube also thinks having the paparazzi around gets annoying. He's even surprised Jonah Hill didn't kick the paparazzo in the ass.

Christopher Miller also shared his thoughts on the gay slur controversy Jonah Hill is facing. In the video interview, the "22 Jumpstreet" director said he thinks the incident with Jonah Hill is "very disappointing and surprising," since it wasn't the Jonah Hill they know.

"22 Jumpstreet" made its red carpet premiere on June 4. According to newmagazine, Ice Cube told reporters at the premiere that Jonah Hill is very sorry for upsetting people when he used the gay slur. Ice Cube also refered to his "22 Jumpstreet" co-star as a "good guy." He thinks Jonah Hill's apology was very sincere.

"All the guy can do is apologise for saying something stupid," Ice Cube said.

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