'21 Jumpstreet' Actor Channing Tatum is a 'High-Functioning Alcoholic'

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In a recent interview with GQ magazine, the hunky actor of "21 Jumpstreet" dished on details about his personal life that no one has ever heard about before. The "Magic Mike" actor revealed to the publication about his love for alcohol, his "Biggest Loser" obsession, and his addiction for Funfetti cake.

Despite the muscular built of the actor, Channing Tatum continues to reveal to the publication that he is a huge foodie.

"I just love cake... Confetti cake, to be specific. It has little colored candies inside the cake, and then you get the confetti icing, which is really hard to find sometimes. It's really hard to explain to people, because it's noticing with sprinkles on top. It's icing that actually has candies inside of it. It's Funfetti icing." What makes it great? "The icing, coupled with the actual confetti cake," says the Hollywood hunk, who also tells the magazine that he is about "25 to 30 pounds" over his goal weight of 180 pounds. "It's a beautiful mix. It is an angel sent from heaven."

Not running out of things to say, the hunky actor also went on to discuss his addiction for the TV program "Biggest Loser."

"I really do love it...It's terrible an it's bad, but I really do think it's because I have an inner fat kid in me. If I didn't enjoy sports so much," the actor said.

Lastly, probably revealing the meatiest part of the interview, Channing Tatum revealed that he loves alcohol by saying:

"I probably drink too much, you know...my wife, that's what she bought into...I'm probably a pretty high-functioning, I guess, you know, I would say, alcoholic, I guess." The star said. "There's probably a tendency to escape...I equate it to creativity, and I definitely equate it to having a good time."

Channing Tatum is busy preparing for the second installment of his hit comedy movie, "21 Jumpstreet." The second movie is titled "22 Jumpstreet" and still features comedian Jonah Hill.

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