2048 Game Last Resort Strategy When Tips and Tricks Fail: App Cheats to Hack High Score

By @binibiningkd on

The 2048 mobile game app made by Italian Web developer Gabriele Cirulli who claimed he created the game in roughly 48 hours might not be sitting pretty on the top spot in the App Store anymore but that does not mean that 2048 players are not struggling from the merging madness trying to achieve the 2048 tile as well.

If all the tips and tricks and game strategies online fail, there is still a last resort method to hack the way to a high score.

Here is a 2048 mobile game app cheat to manually hack and change the high score to whatever player's desire. How to Hack 2048 Highscore via Se7ensins is not for the guilty conscience because it basically helps players to cheat their way to the score of their dreams. The following steps can also be used for other apps to achieve phony high scores, here's how it works:

1 - To start the process you will need a jailbroken device, iFile and 2048 mobile game app.

2 - Close the 2048 mobile game app from multitask > Open the iFile.

3 - Go to the Applications folder > Open the 2048 folder.

4 - Go to Library > Preferences > Open the "com.ketchapp.2048.plist" with Property List Viewer.

5 - Manually enter your desired high score into the number field.

6 - Open the 2048 mobile game app and enjoy your new high score.

7 - Take a photo and share to social media to make friends jealous.

However, if you are geared towards obtaining the highly coveted 2048 tile, just keep playing and make your own 2048 tile. You may click here for some cheats, tips and tricks and hacks to help players achieve that sought after 2048 tile.

Keep in mind that one designer made the 2048 mobile game app so that players can win whichever direction they move. But then again, if you wish to have that magic number fix, you are just a few clicks away from the high score of your dreams.

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