2048 Game Cheats, Tips And Tricks; Hacks to Achieve Special Tile

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The 2048 game has quickly topped the charts of the app store. The game is a 4 x 4 puzzle that can be downloaded for free in the app store or played online.

The game is fairly easy. The player needs to use the arrow keys to move the tiles to the desired direction. Number tiles that match will merge and form the sum of their parts. Every time the player makes a move, a new tile will appear in a random square and when the board is filled up, the game is over.

The goal of the game is to create a tile with 2048 value. It sounds easy but the game is actually addictive and frustrating.

Here are some cheats, tips and tricks and hacks to help players achieve that sought after 2048 tile:

Pictures of Nepal highlights one 2048 hack that shows three main tips to optimize the chances of achieving the 2048 tile up to 80 percent.

  • Do not use the arrow up key unless there are no other moves left.
  • Keep the high valued tiles at the bottom row and arrange the tiles from highest to lowest from left to right and right to left in the second last row.
  • When the highest tile value is in the left bottom corner, do change its position.

TechThirsty has its own version of 2048 game strategy. The Web site advises players to keep calm and try not to make unplanned moves. Keep the tiles in the corners and watch out for the new tiles.

According to The Daily Dot reporter Neil Shader shares a "definitive guide to win 2048" online.

  • Build numbers side to side.
  • Collapse upwards.
  • Focus on a corner.
  • Build chains.
  • Be lucky.
  • Never swipe down.

"So that's what I know. It's not a fool-proof strategy, but by using the Mancini Technique of swiping side-to-side, collapsing upwards, and focusing on long chains, you can set yourself up for nice long chains that can lead to fame and glory," Shader claimed.

2048 is made by an Italian Web Developer Gabriele Cirulli who claimed he created the game in roughly 48 hours.

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