2014 Year of the Horse, Celebrities Born Under the Year of the Wooden Horse: Sandra Bullock and Many More!

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It is a thing in which people try to learn more about the incoming year. What it would bring, the lucky colors and number of the year and of course the celebrities that share the same year as them or those who are simply famous and have been born under this year.

The celebrities that have made it huge in Hollywood include "Gravity" star, Sandra Bullock. This would seem to be a great year for the 40-year-old actress as according to the Chinese, this year would mean that people who know how to work hard would receive a speedy success. The star has already been said to be on the list of nominees for this year's Oscars and have been praised for her acting in "Gravity" alongside old pal, George Clooney and Merryl Streep.

Supermodel, Cindy Crawford is also born under the year of the Horse and is known as one of the legendary supermodels that has still been making waves in the modeling industry having recently posed for the cover of a magazine. Also born under this year are famous musicians including Paul McCartney of the "Beatles" and Janet Jackson herself.

These great musicians have been able to revolutionize the way music and entertainment in the Hollywood industry is being viewed. They are defined by their originality and timeless music in which until today many people still enjoy.

The year of the horse is said to be a good year for those who are hard working, who persevere and want to achieve their goals because it is a year where those who work hard for it will be able to succeed in whatever they want.

Just like these celebrities who have worked hard to get to where they are, everyone who wants to become successful will achieve success under this year if they work hard and create good relationships with people. 

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