2014 World Cup News: Klinsmann Backtracks, Reserved on US WC Chances

By @EntengBulagting on

A day before the Americans open up the World Cup against Ghana, United States Coach Jurgen Klinsmann backtracks on his statement that his team has no chance to hoist the World Cup.

A few days removed from making sensational statements on the American's odds of winning it all, the embattled coach has now proclaimed that his itinerary and flight schedule proves of his faith in his team.

"I booked my flight after the final," Klinsmann said Sunday at the United States' pre-match press conference at Arena das Dunas in this coastal, northeastern city. The US will open their campaign against Group G qualifier Ghana, Monday.

The former star striker of Germany and coach of the unified German squad was previously quoted as saying that the US team had no chance to win the tournament. Kilinsmann reiterated during the recent press conference that his goals for the US are no different from what he has with Die Mannschaft, and that is win multiple championships and become legitimate threats every World Cup.

"We come in with the same effort, the same drive, the same energy and ambition to do well. And we want to do really well," Klinsmann said.

US coach Jurgen Klinsmann has made it a mantra that players should compete at the highest possible level, against the best possible competition. Eyebrows were raised when star players Clint Dempsey and Michael Bradley moved back from top European leagues back to Major League Soccer, the circuit where their careers started. Their coach believes otherwise and thinks they have prepared better for the tournament this time around.

"That's why we worked more than four weeks on our preparation, we timed it the right way to give the players the confidence they need to beat Ghana tomorrow. This is step one, then comes Portugal and then comes Germany. And then we'll see...expectations in the United States are very high."

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