2014 Solar Eclipse: What Time and Where to Best View Solar Eclipse on April 29 in Australia


The 2014 Solar Eclipse is set to put on a sky show on Tuesday, April 29, where the "Ring of Fire" effect of the Moon outlined by the Sun can be observed. Australia will be able to partially view the upcoming annular solar eclipse while those in the farther south location can have a look at the event's "Ring of Fire" effect like a small part of Antarctica.

According to the Space.com report, no weather disturbances will allow the Australians view the Moon covering approximately 65% of the Sun's disk shortly at dusk in Melbourne and Sydney while visibility in Western Australia begins earlier in the afternoon.  

In Perth, the solar eclipse will start at 1:15 pm local time with maximum coverage coming at 2:41 pm and ends at 3:59 pm. Viewers in Melbourne can start viewing the event at 3:58 pm local time while Sydney observers can begin at 4:13 pm. The report further noted that the Sun will set before the end of the 2014 Solar Eclipse in both cities.

"This eclipse is rare in that the cone of the moon's shadow doesn't quite reach the Earth, passing just over the South Pole, with a bit of the annular (ring) eclipse barely visible on a small region of the South Pole," astronomer Jay Pasachoff of Williams College stated. The astronomer has observed 58 solar eclipses and is currently in Australia to observe this one.

There will be two Webcasts for the solar eclipse on Tuesday starting at 2 am EDT (0600GMT) coming from the Slooh community telescope and the Virtual Telescope Project. In viewing the solar eclipse, observers are advised not to look directly at the Sun to avoid severe eye damage.

To look at the solar eclipse safely, viewers can buy a special solar filter for the equipment to be used or a No. 14 welder's glass to cover the eyes. Another way to view the solar eclipse is to use the telescope or one side of the binoculars in projecting an image of the solar eclipse onto a shaded white paper or a cardboard but the viewers must not look through the telescope or binoculars while doing the procedure.

The Epoch Times report claims the 2014 Solar Eclipse appears with the "Ring of Fire" effect in some locations but it will not be visible to the most of the world. The report further noted that another solar eclipse will take place on October 23, 2014 with visibility in Canada and the United States.

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