2014 NBA Trade News: Dwyane Wade on Chicago Bulls' Radar as Star Plans to Opt Out Contract With Miami Heat

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The Bulls could be candidate for Dwyane Wade Reuters

Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade could consider opting out of his contract this summer, leaving the possibility of the flash possible alliance with his hometown team - the Chicago Bulls next season.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the former NBA Finals MVP and multiple-time All-Star could forego the final year of his current contract to restructure a new deal with the Heat. It is well speculated that Wade, along with fellow stars LeBron James and Chris Bosh, will opt out from their contracts next summer for the chance to test the free-agency market.

Sporting World correspondent Lauren Moranor believed Wade will be the X-factor who could influence the decision of both James and Bosh this summer. If Wade decides to leave Heat, the two other stars would likely bolt out of South Beach as well as they try to join other teams with championship aspirations.

"The Orlando Sun-Sentinel reports that Wade is considering opting out of his contract at the end of the season in order to re-work his contract and ease the financial burden in order to re-sign both James and Bosh to better contracts," reported Sporting World.

"Wade took a pay cut when James and Bosh joined in free agency and he might be willing to do so again for the team. Instead of making around $40 million over the next two seasons, he could sign a deal worth $60 million over the next five seasons. That would make him a smaller salary cap and tax hit," he added.

Flash With the Bulls

Though there's always a possibility of staying put with the Heat, D-Wade might also consider returning home in Chicago to join Derrick Rose and the Bulls.  "There is certainly no confirmation on Wade's behalf that this will happen, but the guard has been with the Heat for his entire career and could decide to end it there as well," Moranor said.

The Bulls are expected to amnesty Carlos Boozer this coming summer as they look to position them as an ideal destination for free-agents. Wade is averaging 18 points, 5 assists and 5 rebounds per game in another season-hampered with injuries - especially his bothersome knee.

Despite his injuries, Wade is still very much a capable scorer as a starter or a bench player, and many teams are still expected to make a run at him, if he decided to opt out.

For the Bulls, a backcourt consists of healthy Derrick Rose and Wade will be the most explosive they have since the Michael Jordan era. The leadership and ability of Wade, along with a solid roster, would certainly help the Bulls contend for a title in the next two or three years.

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