2014 Meteor Shower: What Time and Where to Watch Online the May Camelopardalid Peak on May 23 and 24

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Earth will be coming into contact with the streams of debris from the Comet 209P/LINEAR resulting to the 2014 May Camelopardalid meteor shower set to peak on Friday and Saturday, May 23 and 24. The upcoming meteor shower could offer an amazing sky display and viewers can observe it online.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) confirmed in the abcNews report that the meteor shower peak is expected to take place between 1 am and 3am CDT on Saturday, May 24. The report further noted that North America will be a great spot to observe the meteor shower provided that the skies are clear.

The space agency further recommends the viewers to find a dark but safe location to look at the meteor shower. If weather disturbances give the viewers a problem in observing the meteor shower, they are advised to just stay indoors and have a look at NASA's chat and live stream. Click HERE for NASA's Live Chat and Ustream on the 2014 meteor shower.

According to the Universe Today report, the Comet 209P/LINEAR is already drawing closer and brighter with a magnitude approximately at +13.7 and a speed rapidly picking up each night. It is expected that it will continue to brighten up to the point it can be seen through telescopes really soon.

For those who have cloudy skies and could not find a location that can best view the upcoming meteor shower, astrophysicist Gianluca Masi will be offering the viewers a chance to experience the sky display through a live feed of the comet at the Virtual Telescope Project Web site scheduled to begin at 3 pm CDT (8 pm Greenwich Time) on Thursday, May 22. Click HERE.

The second 2014 meteor shower live feed will begin at 12:30 am CDT (5:30 am Greenwich Time) on Friday night or Saturday morning, May 23 and 24. Click HERE. Furthermore, SLOOH will have a live coverage as well on the Comet 209P/LINEAR on their Web site coming from the telescopes situated on the Canary Islands.

The live meteor shower coverage will kick off at 5 pm CDT (6 pm EDT, 4 pm MDT and 3 pm PDT) on Friday, May 23. Meanwhile, the live meteor shower coverage that will feature astronomer Bob Berman of Astronomy Magazine is set to begin at 10 pm CDT and the viewers can ask their questions with the use of the hashtag #slooh. Click HERE.

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