2014 MacBook Pro Will be a Killer with Multi-Functionl Keyboard, Redesigned OS X and More

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Apple just released its refreshed line of MacBook Air. The tech giant introduced a few enhancements to the laptop line including a faster Haswell processor. Apple also chose to slash $100 off the laptop series offering a more affordable deal. Whereas the tech giant only introduced minor enhancements in its MacBook Air line, a recent patent filed suggests that the company wants to step up the notch with the upcoming MacBook line possible the 2014 MacBook Pros. 

According to the patent filed entitled "Multi-functional keyboard assemblies," Apple plans on including a revolutionary keyboard system to its notebooks in the future. The keyboard system features touch-sensitive keys including customizable miniature displays. Some versions under the patent describe haptic feedback mechanisms that may feature clicks, increased button resistance or vibrations. 

According to the patent document issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office, every key can process several types of inputs. For instance, they can receive two unique kinds of inputs and offer at least one kind of output. Apple noted in the background of the patent, most keyboards use "keystacks" only limited to performing simple tasks like issuing command to the device once the users press on the key.

The new keyboard system will let users go through content using swiping gestures. It combines the touch-enabled functions in the iPhone or iPad to the conventional keyboard component. Apple explained on the patent: 

"(D)ynamic glyphs can be generated using multiple light sources and filters of a circuitry module within the keystack...For example, a first glyph (e.g., a capital 'A') can be generated using a first light source that may emit light at a first wavelength (e.g., at a red wavelength), and a second glyph (e.g., a lower case 'a') can be generated using a second light source that may emit light at a second wavelength (e.g., at a blue wavelength)." 

Apple is also set to release a new OS X system this June during the Worldwide Developers Conference. The event will start on June 2. It has been a venue for Apple to introduce software and hardware updates. According to a report by 9to5Mac, the OS X 10.10 will be the start of the conference. The report also noted that the operating system will come with an end to end design mimicking the interface of the iOS 6 and the iOS 7. Apple appears intent on promoting the new interface to developers.

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