2014 MacBook Pro, MacBook Air Retina, iOS 8 and More on Apple's WWDC 2014

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Apple just announced its Worldwide Developer Conference to be held this June 2-6 in San Francisco. A number of reports claim that the tech giant will be introducing some of its major products as well. Apple may provide more insight on what people can expect from the upcoming 2014 MacBook Pro and MacBook Air Retina including the iOS 8 and OSX 10.10. 

iOS 8 

Based on Apple's history, the company often announces upcoming features of its mobile OS during the event. According to a report by Pocket Lint, this year should not be any different. The company should be detailing a number of iOS 8 features and capabilities. WWDC has been a venue for developers to look at Apple's upcoming mobile platform. The conference also gives other developers the chance to discuss among themselves and work through Apple's OS offering. 

OS X 10.10 

Pocket-Lint also reported that Apple confirmed the announcement of the OSX 10.10 during the event. The upcoming operating system will go by the name Syrah. It will follow a similar look with the iOS 7. It appears Apple has been working on integrating its mobile and desktop operating systems better. However, this does not mean the OS X will transform into a copy of iOS. Apple has clarified before that that OS X offers keyboard and mouse experience whereas the iOS offers a touch feel. 

New MacBook Pro and Retina MacBook Air 

Apple announces its MacBook Pro line usually around October. However, reports claim that the company plans on giving a peek of its new hardware desktop during the event. People should also expect more information about the 12-inch MacBook Air and Retina treatment during the WWDC. 

Apple's WWDC is one of the most anticipated developer conferences around. According to TIME, tech bloggers have an old saying about it: "It wouldn't be June without an Apple developer conference in the earlier part of June. Let's wait to see what Apple announces and then either type about it or make videos about it, or perhaps both." 

Despite the focus on software, Apple's track record support that the tech giant can also announce hardware information during the conference.

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