2014 MacBook and Pro Air Release Soon as 12-inch Macbook Launches: Killer Features to Expect

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A worker climbs outside an Apple store in Hong Kong
A worker climbs outside an Apple store in Hong Kong April 10, 2013. REUTERS

Apple has only one line of non-Retina MacBook Pro left. Likewise, the same version is the only line left featuring the built-in optical disc drive. With the design seemingly getting left behind and new demands arise, it appears Apple will be opting for another model and laptop line. Whereas the MacBook Air will reportedly receive a 12-inch treatment, analysts think it suggests the same for the MacBook Pro line. What has Apple in store?   

According to a report by DigiTimes, it is likely for Apple to kill its non-Retina MacBook Pro line if recent predictions and leaks were to be belived. Apple has not made an announcement yet but there are enough reports to rouse the interest of the market. 

The report noted that there are no expected dates or release for the rumored model. It becomes more convincing as leaks note Apple ramping up production. Tech Times also reported about a leak in a Chinese forum supporting the idea.

In January 2013, Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst for KGI Securities, predicted that the non-Retina MacBook Pro line will be killed. Although the prediction was for the previous year, it appears the forecast will come true after all. Apple did kill one of its non-Retina offerings back in October although not entirely all non-Retina products. 

If Apple will be giving the MacBook Air a 12-inch treatment with Retina, it might not be far to see a 12-inch MacBook Pro line. The laptop line appears more interesting by the day as more patents surface. According to recent patent sightings, people may expect the following features on both upcoming MacBook line:

  • Two-sided display - the laptop display will function as an input/output device. This means the other side of the display can function as a charging area. Specifically, it can work as a solar charging area.
  • Trackpad without mechanical button - Apple appears to be expanding more in button-less designs.
  • New power management system - a reported patent describes the use of a power management system that adjusts battery life and performance of the device according to the habits of the user. It anticipates the next move of the person and changes configurations to better match user needs.

Apple has yet to make a final announcement about the MacBook lines.  

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