2014 MacBook Air Retina and MacBook Pro Release Update: Top Killer Features to Expect, Solar Clamshell and More

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Apple will reportedly release its refreshed line of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. According to recent reports, the tech giant plans on transforming the MacBook Air line into a Retina offering. The company's chain supply also suggests the company has decided to kill the 13-inch non-Retina MacBook in place of new Retina lineup. With Apple seemingly focus on offering an all-Retina lineup; can the company succeed on the technology alone? 

Apple's Retina technology has received quite the reviews over the years. It remains one of the best technology displays around. According to latest reports, the remaining supply of low-end 13-inch MacBook Pro model sporting an internal optical drive and thicker legacy design may be out soon. It appears Apple will be removing the line in place of a thinner and newer framework. 

Both Apple Insider and DigiTimes reported about Apple's Taiwan-based supply chain. The people over at the other end hinted that Apple could stop the production around the second half of 2014. 

"The sources pointed out that Apple has been reducing its MacBook Pro prices, narrowing the price gap between the MacBook Pro and the one equipped with Retina," DigiTimes said in its report. 

"Apple stopped producing the 15-inch MacBook Pro in 2013 and will end production of its 13-inch model in 2014."

While there are analysts doubting predictions from DigiTimes, there are also those who have been convinced about Apple's possible for quite some time. According to some analysts, phasing out of non-Retina MacBook Pro will come eventually. 

Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities predicted that Apple will focus on the production of 12-inch MacBooks instead. According to Kuo, Apple may concentrate on transforming the MacBook line with an  "ultra-slim clamshell form factor." Kuo believes that Apple wants to make sure the 12-inch MacBook Pro will sport a similar display technology with MacBook Pro Retina. Other predicted specs include an Intel processor instead of an ARM Chip and framework similar to MacBook Air. 

As for the MacBook Air, recent Apple patent filing suggests that Apple may include a solar charging panel to its MacBook Air and MacBook Pro lineup. Solar charging clamshell will provide the laptops infinite battery life. People can charge it simply by exposing to sunlight.

For an overview of the patents acquired by Apple, check out the video here

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