2014 MacBook Air Release Will Be Thinner and Fanless: Top Features to Expect

By @peevesky on

Every year, Apple has a range of major releases mostly refreshed versions of its existing product line. Whereas the market is used to a couple of upgrades, it appears Apple wants to try out something new. According to recent reports, the company plans on transforming its MacBook Air lineup. Instead of the usual 11 and 13-inch variations, the company will be releasing a 12-inch line. Likewise, recent information suggests that Apple also wants to redesign the laptop line. 

Previously, analysts predicted the Apple may try its hand on a new size of Macbook Air. It appears the predictions may come true. Recent reports indicate that Apple wants to put out a 12-inch version to stand as a new line. What is even more interesting is that the company will be including a Retina display and a new type of trackpad. 

There are also reports saying that Apple will transform the MacBook line into a fan-less set. 

Apple introduced the Retina display during the release of the iPhone 4 back in 2010. It was the last of Steve Job's work on the iPhone. According to the late founder, the Retina display is an extremely sharp display offering pixel density up to 326ppi. It goes beyond the amount of retina the human eye can distinguish. Since then the technology has become an Apple staple. 

It trickled down to iPad screens starting March 2012. In 2013, Apple included it in their iPad mini edition. Even the MacBook Pro line received a Retina treatment. Despite the constant talk about the Air with Retina, it did not materialize not until possibly this year. 

According to a report by Tech Times, a source leaked information to a Chinese forum about the next MacBook Air. As mentioned, the device will be a 12-inch Retina notebook. It will come with an ultra-thin redesign case without fan plus a new trackpad without the mechanical button. 

The report also added that Apple has already ventured into fan-less computers without the risk of overheating. The company has a range of iOS catalog devices without the fan. This backs up the idea that the tech giant can pull off a fan-less MacBook Air. Apple has yet to make an announcement about the upcoming laptop line.

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