2014 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro Confirmed to Run Solar Power?

By @peevesky on

Reports about the 2014 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro started surfacing up following the release of a solar patent to Apple. Despite the publication of the patent a few weeks ago, the market has been reluctant whether the technology will push through with this year's Apple laptop offering. It appears more analysts are convinced with the release of solar-powered MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros. What can people expect? 

If Apple will push through with the patent, this will give the company a new interesting set of notebooks. MacBook laptops may turn out to be environmentally friendly. According to the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the company has been awarded parent for an "Electronic device display module." The patent describes a solar panel found inside the housing of the laptop. As the USPTO document goes: 

"There are provided systems, devices and methods for operating a housing for an electronic device as an input/output (I/O) device. In one embodiment, an electronic device includes a housing configured to function as an integrated housing and I/O device and one or more sensors obscured by a panel of the housing. The one or more sensors being configured to sense via the panel of the housing. " 

"The electronic device further includes a processing unit communicatively coupled to the one or more sensors and configured to interpret electrical signals generated by the one or more sensors. One or more output devices are communicatively coupled to the processing unit and configured to provide an output in response to the one or more sensors generating an electrical signal." 

The front part of the lid will feature the screen display. The rear will have electronchromic glass good for solar charging. The glass will sport solar cells allowing individuals to charge their MacBooks under the sun or direct sunlight. 

The patent document also detailed that the solar cells to be included can release up to 100 milliwatts to around 1 watt or more. This will allow the glass panel to charge the laptop or sustain the battery life of the device when in use. 

It should be interesting to find out what Apple will do more with the two-sided display. According to other patents, the tech giant may also include touch controls extending throughout the bezel.

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