2014 Full Moon: Rare Full Moon to Happen on June 13, What Time to Best View

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A rare phenomenon is set to take place on Friday, June 13. Superstitious people already consider Friday the 13th as an unlucky day but they may become more wary on June 13 because a Full Moon is set to rise.

The Full Moon happening on Friday is described to be an extraordinary combination of the modern calendar and the lunar phases. According to a News4jax report, Full Moons have been connected to Earthquakes in the past and Friday the 13th makes the superstitious people careful not to break mirrors or come across a black cat.

The combination of the Full Moon rising on Friday the 13th is expected to cause double bad luck. According to the Syracuse report, driving a car or cleaning on the unlucky day is considered misfortune down in New Zealand.

The Full Moon will actually start to take place on Thursday night, June 12, at 12:12 am EDT then on Friday the 13th. The list of times for the Full Moon in the News4jax.com report reveal that the Thursday evening Moonrise will occur at 8:05 pm, the Thursday evening sunset will occur at 8:29 pm, the official Full Moon on Thursday night will occur at 12:12 am and the Moonrise on Friday the 13th will occur at 9:05 pm.

In Canada, preparations are being made for the Vancouver Full Moon Beach Party at Wreck Beach. The Syracuse report further noted that the viewers in Central New York may not be able to witness the Full Moon due to partly cloudy skies on Friday night and there are still no locations announcing their viewing experience plans on the upcoming rare event.

The Palm Beach Post reported that the unlucky day can occur three times a year but the occasion of a Full Moon rising on a Friday the 13th takes decades before happening. The last time that the double phenomenon happened was dated October 13, 2000.

According to the U.S. Naval Observatory data, the Full Moon rising on a Friday the 13th will happen again sometime after 2035 which the observatory's last year in their projected data. The next time that the Full Moon and Friday the 13th will come together is expected to occur in 2049.

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