2014 Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower: How to Best View Peak on May 5 and 6, Where to Watch Sky Display Online


The 2014 Eta Aquarids meteor shower is set to illuminate the night sky with its peak on May 5 and 6. Sky watchers who want to observe the sky display outside can follow the given tips in best viewing the meteor shower while those who opt to watch in indoors can do it online.

The Eta Aquarids will continue to peak on early Tuesday morning, May 6, with the best time to view the meteor shower display is at approximately 4 am local time. According to the Christian Today report, viewers located at the southern hemisphere can observe up to 60 meteors per hour at its peak time while those living in North America can only view 10 meteors per hour at peak time.

Meanwhile, an online live stream of the 2014 Eta Aquarids meteor shower will be available as the sky display peaks overnight from May 5 until the early morning hours of Wednesday, May 7. The live stream video of the meteor shower will come from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and Slooh Camera.

According to the io9.com report, the Slooh camera's live stream video starts on Monday, May 5, at 6:00 PT and the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center will be hosting as well the Eta Aquarids live stream on Monday night. "On the night of May 5-6, NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center will offer a live Ustream view of the skies over Huntsville, Alabama on this page. Currently skies are predicted to be clear over Huntsville that evening," the nasa.gov report reads. Click HERE to watch the Slooh Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower Coverage.

To best view the Eta Aquarids meteor shower, observers are suggested to find a spot far away from the bright city lights and bring a reclining lawn chair, pillows and a blanket in order to have a comfortable viewing experience of the 2014 Eta Aquarids meteor shower. The io9.com report further noted that bringing a telescope or binoculars is not really necessary because viewing the meteor shower can be done with just the naked eye.

The other things that viewers are suggested to bring are hot beverages like chocolate or coffee, something to snack on while waiting and some good company. As for viewing the sky display, observers should not try to stand and look up because the neck will end up strained.

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