2014 Coachella Music Festival: Five Worst Things on Weekend Two

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The 2014 Coachella Music and Arts festival is America's biggest festival and it seems that everyone was there to join the big party in the dessert. The second and the final weekend of the festival goes out with style and with a big bang, more explosive than its first weekend.

But with best moments comes the worst things that happened during the second week of the celebration. With fans going all out and the drinking going out of hand, the festival seemed like a big mess.

Here are the five worst things that happened on weekend two.

1. After overdosing on weekend one, a 24-year-old attendee from Oakland died on Thursday. The Coachella festival is the perfect venue for drug smuggling, drunk drinking and other out-of-control behaviour and these kinds of behaviour should be addressed. With musicians encouraging their fans to do drink more and do other stuff the Coachella organizers should be vigilant to main peace and order to the event.

2. Poking joke on the world's holy man is not funny. Beck who wore a massive Pope Francis head was baptized by Win Butler as "Saint Beck" during their performance on the event's weekend two. Many of the fans think that the "christening" joke is not hilarious.

3. While the rest of the party goers are busy enjoying the sun and music, many of the teens who are working during the event are also busy picking up the trash for those who doesn't know where to put them. Andrea Domanick, one of the event goers, talked to a few of them and said that they get paid by the bag and poorly paid while sweating it out during the event.

4. For big acts like Pharrell and Empire of the Sun, the Coachella organizers have to a lot an ample space for fans to avoid overcrowding. The Sahara tent and Outdoor Theatre are full packed during the event that one have to be there at least 30 minutes before the gig to secure a descent space.

5. Since it's the last weekend of the festival, the overwhelming crowd of people lining up for taxi is unbelievable. Tired, drunk and dirty people waited for nearly an hour just to get cab and carpools set up by the staff are not enough to accommodate all the guests.

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