2014 Apple iPad Retina and iPad Air 2 Release Update: Top Killer Features Include SMC-built A8 CPU, TouchID and More

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Apple will reportedly release refreshed versions of its iPad Air and iPad Retina series. According to recent information, the company plans on releasing a new A8 mobile processor and enhanced TouchID features on the tablets. Likewise, prices of previous iPad models may go lower over the next few months in preparation for the new stocks. There are also reports suggesting Apple has been prepping the market for its 12.9-inch slate offering. What can people expect? 

Apple Insider obtained a research note detailing Ming-Chi Kuo's thoughts and predictions about Apple's upcoming releasing. Ming-Chi Kuo is best known as a KGI analyst with proven track record for product releases and company predictions. According to the report, Apple plans on using a mix of price adjustments and new releases to encourage "moderate growth" within the tablet industry. The plan extends up to the end of the year in preparation for another release in 2015. 

A refreshed version of the iPad Air will reportedly come out this year - around third quarter or early in the fourth quarter. Reported features include 8MP primary camera, A8 mobile processor developed under TSMC and a new TouchID fingerprint sensor. 

Kuo has been consistent with Apple predictions many take his word for the tech giant's upcoming releases. According to the analyst, Apple will still refresh its iPad Mini with Retina Display despite failing to meet the expected results of the company. Kuo points out Apple's mistake by sticking to the thicker device in place of a higher-resolution display for the lower sales. 

"This change proved unpopular among consumers," the analyst wrote. 

"We think iPad mini with Retina display made the same mistake, explaining why it's not selling as well as the previous generation of iPad mini." 

There were also reports of Apple working on a 12.9-inch slate.  The move to a larger iPad is part of the company's strategy to generate growth towards better productivity and entertainment experience. 

"With the 12.9" iPad, we think Apple will come up with a new user interface that's more innovative and intuitive, so that input will be as efficient as a device with keyboard," Kuo explained. 

The analyst predicted that the iPads may sell up to 73.5 million units in 2014.

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