2014 Amazon Kindle Fire to Come with MediaTek Processors, Kindle Fire Payment System in Question

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A worker prepares an item for Amazon Prime delivery at Amazon's distribution center in Phoenix, Arizona in this file photo taken November 22, 2013. Amazon.com Inc told customers on Thursday that the annual membership fee for its Prime shipping and media streaming service would go up to $99 from $79 next week, the first time it has increased the price since the service began in 2005. REUTERS/Ralph D. Freso/Files Reuters

Amazon has been competing successfully in the tablet market despite the number of competitors. The increasing competition has prompted manufacturers to invest more on differentiating products through their specs. Performance is a major factor among tablets. This is the same reason Amazon appears to be preparing for a major shift in its Kindle Fire processor. According to the recent information, the company will be investing on MediaTek processors for the 2014 Amazon Kindle Fire. 

Processors are part of industry standards. Regardless of the display and camera features of devices, they remain the most vital component. Processors are the lifeline of tech devices. In 2013, Amazon decided to go for a Snapdragon for its Kindle Fire HDX. Snapdragon was at the top of its game at that time. Most tech companies prefer it over other chipsets. 

To date, the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX has been on the market for six months already. As with most tech products, six months is enough duration for most companies to replace products and release new ones. The same reason has spawned reports about the 2014 Amazon Kindle Fires. The latest information according to Android Headlines is that Amazon will be going for MediaTek processors. This move signals Amazons shift from the high-end tablet market to the mid-range. 

MediaTek is a Chinese company producing processors focusing on mid to low-end ranges. It has been used by several phone manufacturers around the globe targeting the sectors mentioned. Throughout the years, MediaTek products have not reached the United States. It looks like Amazon will be changing that. 

A recent report by the Motley Fool looks at the payment system for the current Amazon Kindle payment system. According to the report, despite the attention over payment plans from providers like T-Mobile and AT&T, it seems consumers are spending more than what they should be if they pay the standard contract fee. 

As Amazon proposes a new payment plan, there are now concerns whether consumers can get a good deal out of it. Amazon has always proposed payment plans as a strategy for promotions. Analysts believe Amazon has been working on developing a lifestyle brand allowing people to buy devices without interest charges while expanding the prospective shopper base.

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