2013 Valentine’s Day Funny ‘Forever Alone’ Memes [PHOTOS]


There are some single persons who despise the date February 14 or better known as Valentine's Day. It's either they bitterly witness how the couples publicly display their affection for each other or watch bouquets of roses as well as boxes of chocolates being delivered almost everywhere which has been pointed out in numerous "Forever Alone" memes.

For people with the single status, February 14 is their "Single Awareness Day" instead of the romantic "Valentine's Day." Single men and women just spend this day with their normal daily routine. Some may choose to spend Valentine's Day differently like becoming a volunteer in a charitable event or simply have a gathering with close friends who do not have Valentine's dates as well.

When it comes to spending money on Valentine's Day, single people have the advantage of saving money. Unless they plan to buy something for themselves or even spend money on food and drinks to party with family and friends.

There are still other things that single people can do on Valentine's Day without feeling miserable about their love life. Just have a mindset of enjoying the entire day even without a date.

In the book titled "Going Solo, the Extraordinary Rise and Surprising Appeal of Living Alone," author Eric Klinenberg claims people choose to live alone. Most single people consider their status in life as a trademark of distinction rather than a social failure.

Close family ties and true friendships makes these single people survive and carry on and with their lives. Now that Valentine's Day is fast approaching, it is not a requirement to spend the day with a significant other. It can be celebrated with parents, siblings or friends where a get-together can be planned like watching a movie or cooking a scrumptious meal.

Single people should still celebrate Valentine's Day with a cherished family member or a dear friend and convey the importance of that person in their lives. Meanwhile, take a look and have a laugh with the funny "Forever Alone" memes created for the single people on Valentine's Day.

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