2013 MTV Video Music Awards: A Look Back at Miley Cyrus Raunchy Performances at VMAs and other Awards Shows Through the Years [MORE PHOTOS/VIDEOS]

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While everyone seemed to call out Miley Cyrus begging her “to stop” twerking after her raunchy performance with Robin Thicke at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, it looks like Liam Hemsworth girlfriend has just started getting wild on stage and she “can’t be tamed” just as yet. She’ll never care what you think, she hasn’t for years and she’s done exactly just that” at the 2013 VMAs.

Her twerky performance with Robin Thicke may have made a mark at the 2013 MTV VMAs, but this isn’t the first time that her performance on an award show has sparked criticisms and mixed, reactions, mostly unsatisfied audience and viewers.

Drake kept his head down as if he doesn’t want Miley’s image on stage haunt him when he gets home or when he’s in bed with Rihanna. Taylor Swift, for a change, was caught speechless, without a word, agape to see her fellow artist twerked on stage. And for Brooke Shields, “it was a little desperate.”

But if you really want to see how everyone must have reacted to Miley, check out the photo of Will Smith family as it summed up what everyone could be thinking with her racy performance. See the photo at the slideshow.

Lesson learned: Don’t bring young celebrity kids at the awards shows with Miley in it!

Her crotch-grabbing and racy, twerky performance at the 2013 MTV VMAs may have earned a lot of criticisms, but this isn’t the first time Miley shocked the crowd.

This reporter from IBTimes-AU has taken a look back at some of Miley’s top performances at various awards events and the trip to memory lane showed that Miley has been showing hints of racy, twerky self in all those performances, landing her being named as one of the least favourite role model among the stars.

Take a look at Miley Cyrus’s performances through the years:

2009 Teen Choice Awards: “Party in the U.S.A.”

In 2009, Miley had earned the ire of parents and audience with her pole dancing performance at the Teen Choice Awards. With all the kids at the Gibson Amphitheater on Aug 9, 2009, it was a field day for media as they criticised Liam’s girlfriend with her risqué performance of Part in the U.S.A.

The number featured Miley in some questionable dance and pole dancing moves. The song was taken from her mini album, The Time of Our Lives. Then 16, Miley truly shocked the viewers and the teen’s parents.

The controversial performance even forced Disney Channel back then to issue a statement, though stirring clear from the pole dancing number.

"Disney Channel won't be commenting on that performance," the network said in a statement back then according to Billboard, adding, "although parents can rest assured that all content presented on the Disney Channel is age-appropriate for our audience - kids 6-14 - and consistent with what our brand values are."

But the video back then was way more tamed than her performance than this year but it already created a buzz and a loud one.

A close look at the video showed Miley making just one, pole dancing move at the entire performance, and she made headlines. She was wearing her signature super short shorts in black and gray, see-through top.

The video was viewed 9,317,000 after it was published by Tarasoud on Aug 10, 2009.

2010 MTV Video Music Awards: “Can’t Be Tamed”

With perfect, red, fiery back drop on stage, Miley Cyrus was a picture of an angry teen who warned to never attempt changing her.

The video of her performance at the 2010 MTV VMA, however, showed hints of her racy tendencies on stage. From her all white, sexy outfit with a white robe at the beginning of the risqué number only to be tossed as things heat up in the middle of the song.

Just like in her Blurred Lines performance with Robin Thicke, Miley had a lot of grinding and twerking back then. She even had a stick to arch her body back, leaving a very provocative position of Liam’s girlfriend.

Even her teaser for the 2010 MTV VMA appearance and nominations for Best Pop and Best Female Artist in recognition of her hit song, Can’t Be Tamed, feature her racy moves with back-up dancers, and she was wearing a one-piece sexy outfit.

2010 MTV EMA: “Who Owns My Heart” Miley had also shown more grinding in her 2010 performance at MTV EMA with her performance of Who Owns My Heart.

The opening dance move of the whole production number saw “grinding” Miley. What is also interesting to note is her racy outfit. The same outfit she has been wearing in her many performances.

Her movements in this video however were a bit more subtle and softer as seen in the strength of her vocals.

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2013 MTV VMA: “We Can’t Stop/ Blurred Lines” with Robin Thicke

Unlike her raunchy, crotch-grabbing risqué performance at the 2013 MTV VMA, the video showed Miley is clearly more animated than her past performances and definitely more movements and more energy invested in it as can be heard in her vocals. There were occasions in her last performance at the VMA when she would sound gasping for air, almost catching her breath and her vocals was not as strong as her real timbre.

Her performance sparks criticism. Fellow celebrities and music artists can’t even look at Miley as she twerked her way around on stage, Drake must have touched his phone a hundred of times or noticed something new with his feet as he opted to keep his head down, oblivious of the screams and the wide-eyed, dumb-founded look and shock of those around him, including Taylor Swift. But his rumoured on-and-off girlfriend, Rihanna, didn’t seem to care as she remained stiff at Miley’s performance and for everyone else’s, for that matter.

It will not come as a surprise if Miley has made the headlines this year at the VMAs. Not only did she appear onstage almost naked with her nude, latex bra and panties, and this has topped her raunchy performance ever!

But don’t forget that that’s exactly what Miley promised before the show, and she delivered.

Days before the 2013 MTV VMA, she took to twitter and said: “Dear VMAs, I am about to fvvvvckkkkk yoooooo shitttttt uppppppppp. Love, Miley”

 She didn’t care what everyone would think, that’s Miley. She promised. She delivered.

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