2013 Global No Pants Subway Rides: Event Took Place in Australia and Other Countries [PHOTOS]


January 13 is indeed a remarkable date to remember. The event called "Global No Pants Subway Rides 2013" occurred in several cities worldwide as participants from New York City to Amsterdam strip off their pants and have a good time with semi-nudity while traveling.

Improv Everywhere commenced in 2002 the "No Pants Subway Ride" in New York City. On Sunday, the controversial annual event took place on its 12th year already. Proof that it continues to grow strong, more than 4,000 commuters gathered at several meeting points in New York City during the 52-degree weather.  

The said event occurred as well in 60 cities in more than 25 countries worldwide. In Australia, the social networking site "Facebook" posted information on the events for the interested participants in Adelaide.

The page reads: "It's time again for the 6th annual No Pants Tram Ride in Adelaide. The basic idea is to ride the tram without pants and pretend that it is the most normal thing to do. When people see one person doing this they can easily pass them off as a crazy, but when more and more people enter the tram without pants, apparently unknown to each other, the reactions are just priceless. This event is always great fun and with the hot weather, it's often more comfortable than wearing pants anyway."

Other Australian cities noted on Facebook's "Global No Pants Subway Rides 2013" page are Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Organizers are obviously pleased and grateful to the participants with the outcome of their campaign.

Improv Everywhere wrote on their official web site improveverywhere.com: "You can be a part of the global activity by tweeting with the official hashtag #NPSR and @ImprovEvery when talking about Improv Everywhere. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list so you'll stay updated on future events like this. You can also like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Previous "No Pants Subway Rides" videos and photographs in Adelaide can still be viewed at the link: http://www.adelaideflashmob.com/no-pants/

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