2013 Comet ISON: Professional Photographer Justin Ng Captures the ‘Comet of the Century’ October 27 Journey

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A professional photographer named Justin Ng in Singapore has shared to EarthSky a captured time-lapse video of the 2013 Comet ISON journey that he obtained at a total exposure time of 69 minutes on Sunday, October 27. Justin reportedly utilized a telescope and special camera in order to capture the remarkable view of the "Comet of the Century" as it makes a close approach to the Sun and Earth.

In the Earthsky.org report, the professional photographer explained that Comet ISON's movement became visible due to the small field of view. "I used a 20″ telescope and a specialized monochrome CCD camera to capture it and the field of view is 0.55 degrees. This is extremely narrow and the smaller the field of view, the faster an object will appear to move," Justin shared.

The photographer further added: "Each exposure was only 90 seconds and so when you looked into the time-lapse in the slow motion part, each frame represent the distance covered by Comet ISON within 90 seconds. Which is logical because Comet ISON is traveling at a speed of 684,000kph (425,000mph). The images used in the video is what you see in the RAW files. No other editing was done besides cropping the images to fit into 1920 resolution."

Justin Ng admitted that he was captivated upon seeing the greenish comet for the first time. "It's my first time seeing a comet and capturing it in motion. It's truly amazing! After I compiled the images and did a time-lapse movie for it, I'm totally in awe and speechless to see the comet moving that fast across the night sky," Mr Ng stated in the News Channel report.

Prior to the time-lapse video, Justin Ng has sent as well to the Web site a striking image of Comet ISON captured on Saturday, October 26, pointing out that the comet's nucleus is "still intact." It contradicts the previous claims of some astronomers that the comet will not be able to survive its close approach with the Sun.

The 2013 Comet ISON will be making its close flyby to the Sun on Thanksgiving Day, November 28, and the comet is expected to be an amazing celestial display through telescopes or binoculars especially during its closest approach to planet Earth on December 26.

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